MotoGp. 2023 . Miller goes to KTM

He’s just swallowed up the entire field!

this is an insane ride by marquez

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Was always on the cards.

woah! Massive high side and totally unnecessary to go that hard. That really hurts, i know from experience.

EDIT: He’s really in a bad way.

He is win at all cost, probably just blew his season, crazy.

that could’ve been horrendous

Its certainly flipped the season. I’d say the best Marquez can hope for is a broken collar bone. It may be far worse.

And he was getting past Vinales quite easily , but was very untidy going into the corner prior to that last incident.

what a race, motogp is the pinnacle of motorsport to watch


always been my favourite. well, the 500’s probably - there’s nothing like the Doohan/Rainey/Gardner/Schwantz etc days - but more or less the same thing.


A shame Miller missed the podium, Dovi got him late. But 4th is a great result and other tracks will suit the Ducati better.

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Miller has really matured now, he will do well in this class.

lmfao, Quartararo opens his interview with “farking hell”.

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Well done Fabio

Possibly a fractured humerus for Marquez according to Puig (from Twitter). In the slow mo it looks like he may have been struck on the upper arm by the rear tyre so that would fit.

They’re at Jerez again next week and then Czech Gp the week after. In a short season, even a month off the bike probably ends his title chance.

Marquez injured, Rossi well past his prime, Lorenzo retired. It’s wide open.

Confirmed. Right humerus fracture with displacement , surgery needed.

Very pleased for Fabio - great first win. Unbelievable race by Marquez- quite incredible to watch him weave his way through the pack. Also incredible that he managed to keep the bike upright & mobile through the gravel & ride back into the race.
His crash was horrible to watch. Hope he recovers quickly.
Great effort from Jack. A podium finish would have been nice but he rode a great race.

Barry Sheen on his Suzuki was brilliant to watch. Win or die trying.


Marc Marquez about to ride in Free Practice 3 after a really nasty crash resulting in a broken humerus bone requiring a plate screwed to the bone on Tuesday - along with a very battered body from tumble weeding across the tarmac & gravel - & being hit by his flying motorcycle. Super human effort.
(Check out crash on YouTube if you haven’t seen it.)
Also hope Jack goes well again (1 spot better at least) than last weekend .
Marquez just in to pits only 1 second down on best time