MotoGp. 2024 . Marquez on a Ducati

Sorry couldn’t find the Moto GP thread but something pretty special has just taken place in Australian Motorsport history.

Jack Miller wins his first Moto GP race at the Dutch TT Assen.
The first rider to claim a Moto GP Victory on a non-factory bike since 2006.

Congratulations Jack.


Completely out of the blue. Fantastic effort to back up his 1st top 10 result last race.
Great stuff Jack


Media not reporting this anywhere (including Townsville Bulletin in hos home town) is dissapointing. I know it’s a small minority who follow the sport, but when you look at what else is running atm…

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Jack Miller at it again, made up 10 places on the first lap…turn your tv on people.

Bump. First race of the season, finally. Miller 2nd row, I believe. At least there won’t be any umpiring to ruin it.

Nice work young fella.

probably starts in the front row if theres no oil on the track.

gonna watch it now. Lets go, Jack.

And Vale has confirmed he will race on in 2021, and maybe even 2022. Absolutely astonishing. He’s already 41 ! He’s nuts.

Crutchlow is out of the race after crashing in warmup.

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Moto gp thread, shweet. Is there a general motorcycling thread anywhere here?

I thought there was a thread, couldn’t find it, so…
Marquez still the man to beat

great 1st lap by Miller, up into 3rd.

massive error from Marquez. Saved the front end but ran off the track.

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Stayed on too

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Gonna kill himself one day, goin that hard this early in opening race, got a big set of nuts that boy.

you could see it coming, he was untidy several times prior. And since, actually.

the most astounding thing about marquez is his bike is basically un-rideable for any team mate hes had.

Lol, Marquez will end up back in the top 5 the way this is playing out.

Terrible tyre choice from the yamaha’s.

He’s on the charge again, what chance he throws it down the road?

I think he’d be happy to minimise the damage now. He’ll get by everyone up to the lead group. He may even catch Maverick if that front tyre keeps deteriorating.