Movie Genre - Top Ten Australian Movies

1. The Road Warrior (1981) Directed by George Miller

2. Chopper (2000) Directed by Andrew Dominik

3. Animal Kingdom (2010) Directed by David Michod

4. Lantana (2001) Directed by Ray Lawrence

5. The Boys (1998) Directed by Rowan Woods

6. The Proposition (2005) Directed by the John Hillcoat

7. Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) Directed by Peter Weir

8. Breaker Morant (1980) Directed by Bruce Beresford

9. Gallipoli (1981) Directed by Peter Weir

10. Beautiful Kate (2009) Directed by Rachel Ward


Mad Max

Mad Max 2


No room for Alvin Purple or BMX Bandits?

In all seriousness, I would put Next Of Kin in any Australian list. I don’t know what it was about this film but the director managed to create such an eerie atmosphere. Could be that I was delirious at the end of an Astor movie marathon though. :rofl:It reminded me of the Italian giallo films.

Another would be Wake In Fright.


I wanted to get wake in fright in but couldn’t squeeze it in.


The castle.

Still makes me warm and fuzzy.

Animal kingdom was intense.

The Boys is a horrible film that I never want to see again.
I don’t understand the love for Road Warrior over Mad Max.
Great genre.
I’ll have a think.

But Moulin Rouge will definitely get a guernsey.

Ten Canoes was just great. Could have been set anytime in the last 50,000 years or so.


It was good.
Do Braveheart and Apocalypso count?
Regardless, it’s an extremely broad category.
One for overnight shift tonight, I think.

The last few are going to be very, very difficult.
Mad Max, Breaker Morant, Gallipoli, Moulin Rouge are all locks.
As is Idiot Box.
But I feel like I’ll have to choose between Two Hands and Fury Road and a bunch of other films.
I’d love to put Rogue in.
Id love to put Dingo in.
I’d love to put Houseboat Horror and The Castle and Razorback and Dogs In Space in.
But they can’t all fit.

Razorback is great fun and wanted to put it in, but Two Hands has aged badly I reckon.

Wow :open_mouth:

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In what way?
That along with the SBS cop serial of the time influenced pretty much every Australian film and tv series that came after it.

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I think we need to acknowledge what Tarantino called Grindhouse films.
It’s not a million miles away from Cars That Ate Paris, and Dead End Drive-In.
It’s obviously the worst and therefore the best of the genre.

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I watched it recently and I thought the editing and stuff was over done. Trying to be cutting edge but it has aged bad.

And that whole thing with his brother talking from the grave just doesn’t work for me.

the dish?


I’ll give you the brother thing.
But I still believe it pioneered the whole ‘bad guys are people, too’ thing, that you now see everywhere.

Breaking Bad, Dave, Mr InBetween.
I’m not talking Godfather, king of the world sort of stuff.
Just…giving depth to low grade crims.

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I would argue films like the French connection and any Michael Mann film done realism first. I’m sure there are many others without thinking too much.

Muriel’s Wedding
Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Rabbit Proof Fence
Samson and Delilah
Sunday too far Away
Any Paul Cox film


Muriels is pss funny

Does the French Connection have family scenes?
Blokes going, shrugs ‘I’unno…’
Or…’well, how the ■■■■ did that happen?’
Of not being in any way in control of their narrative?