Movies of a more arthouse/Black skivvy wanker type of genre


After I moved abroad I got my arthouse fix from a torrent invite only site called Karagarga. But one day I couldn’t log in anymore and my watching of arthouse went down the gurgler.


Films labelled Independent, is just in regards to it’s financing and distribution, whereas arthouse is more of a cinematic style.

Granted, most Arthouse films are also Independent, and virtually all Independent films happen to be arthouse, because… Well, nobody makes an independently financed action film.


well if you put sh in front out art house films you get the correct outcome.


Can someone please comment how excellent my excellent joke was, ta


So would films like Drive and Little Miss Sunshine be classified as independent or Arthouse?

Oh and great joke SMJ


Oh shucks, you shouldn’t have


Joke in another language, there’s only one valid response


I think that’s spelled ‘merrrrrde!’


He is, as we say in Latin, a “dorkus malorkus”.


Not sure about Drive. I’d classify Little Miss Sunshine as independent.

Pretty well all foreign films would be classified here as arthouse, because on 99% of occasions, that’s where they’re shown - Palace and Nova.

Independent films often sneak into the mainstream megaplexes, if they’ve been particularly well received, e.g. The Shape of Water.


So “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” it is then.


That movie was made by an old perve, he knows his audience well.


This thread


It’s amazing how she doesn’t blink.

I like Primer and Upstream Color.
I wish he’d make more movies.


I am dumping this here. Arthouse? Perhaps, not, however, I have it on BluRay and the little fella loves it. I still enjoy watching it. Aussie arthouse. “BMX, BMX…”


BMX Bandits?



Hell yeah! Anybody seen They call me Jeeg?


Oh yeah, Big Man Japan is a really dark and weird Japanese superhero movie with the most farked up (oops we’ve blown the budget) ending.


No doubt this will prove an unpopular opinion but in my book, Italian movies (since 1980 anyway) are unmitigated, pompous shyte.

I’ll give a pass to the likes of Visconti, Fellini, Pasolini, De Sica…only because they have a great reputation, but I still don’t like them much.

Even German films are more watchable.

And I thought Life Is Beautiful was saccharine crap that only won an Oscar because it was a Holocaust movie and being about the holocaust raises the probability of winning by at least double.


my workmate was one of the bmx riders…a never ending source of fun to be had with it!