Movies of a more arthouse/Black skivvy wanker type of genre

Probably only @Shelton10, I and a couple of others are interested here.

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This the thread for old dirty perves to swap recommendations on movies with exotic women with breasts.

If so I’m in.


Saw two more tonight. First was a very wide diversion from the others I’ve seen, The Open Door. Carmen Machi, who’s been in everything but a bocadillo de mierda recently, is Rosa, a middle-aged prostitute, living with her mother, Antonia, a demented former pro herself, on a floorful of similarly inclined ladies (and one gent). A Russian hoo-er dies of an OD, leaving her 7yo daughter, Lyuba, behind but she sneaks into Rosa’s flat through the open door. Police are trying to track her down but she remains hidden with the mother.

Some tragic moments, but also fairly tender. Not sure I’d recommend it.

what exactly is an arthouse movie? as in how do you distinguish one? genuine question.

Second one was much more fun, Señor, Dame Paciencia - Lord, Give Me Patience.

This one treads that line between political incorrectness and just being an a-hole. Gregorio is a Madrid banker with 2 stunning daughters (guapisimas) and a gay son. One daughter is married to a Catalan banker who’s been transferred back to Barcelona. The second is the girlfriend of a total anarchistic layabout and the son has a black, Basque boyfriend.

Gregorio is fanatically Real Madrid and anti-Catalan (strangely his real name is Jordi, a Catalan name). The wife is in dodgy health and gets hit by a bus, but leaves a letter saying she wants the family to holiday in Sanlúcar, near Cadiz, where they used to holiday and spread her ashes in the Guadalquivir, the huge river in Andalusia.

Some great moments when they’re stopped by police on the way south and he pours out his heart about the Kombi which has the Barça strip on one side and the Catalan flag on the other, and about his three kids.

I’ve seen this a few times how the Spaniards are quite happy to poke a lot of fun at different groups like the Basques and the Catalans and Twitter doesn’t explode.

I enjoyed it and would happily watch it again.

Me, yes! Not so sure about others.

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There’s a wonderful film called ‘Vengeurs guerre à l’infini’ coming out soon that you all should check out

Films that are more likely to be run on SBS, not all foreign, but which are not made to be blockbusters (some are called cult films, like Rocky Horror Show). A lot of foreign language films shown here are classified as Arthouse but have big audiences in the country of origin and some of them are absolute crap.
Sean Connery said that he made the James Bond films so that he could afford to make films like The Hill, more Arthouse . Orson Wells did similar.
Some initial Arthouse films emerge as blockbusters, like the first Mad Max and Life of Brian ( financed by George Harrison) . They belong in the sleeper category.
Sundance and other Indy films probably fall within the Arthouse category. It does not mean they are better films, but have limited distribution.

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It’s also to do with the script and the plot, too.

Arthouse films tend to primarily explore inner motivations and conflicts E.G a coming of age film, an emotional battle / journey etc. And tend to be dialogue heavy, rather than action heavy.

They are less constrained by typical Protagonist / Antagonist / Plot Point driven conventions, than a typical film is.

Essentially, arthouse films are about “Feelings.”

But yes, distribution also plays its part in such a catorgarisation.


So, this is the thread where we talk about French and spanish superhero movies then?


Just about any Italian film from the 50’s-70’s that lasts longer than 90 minutes, one effort went for up to 7 hours, is more than likely Arthouse.

Finally a thread where I can discuss Transformers!

So…how good is Michael Bay


All I can think of as I read this is “the emporer wants to control outer space, yoda wants to explore inner space”.


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You’d have to chercher très beaucoup, or even buscar muchisimo.

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At least I learnt another Spanish swear word other than puta, which seems to cover most things.

Anyhow, todos coños.

That’s not very French

So what is the difference between art house films and independent films?