Movies of a more arthouse/Black skivvy wanker type of genre


Last Year at Marienbad is a New Wave French film from 1961.

Only 3 protagonists, none of whom have a name. Wikipedia says some think it a masterpiece, others find it incomprehensible.

Still getting through it. I’m in the latter group.

It’s been rated the best film of all time, but equally listed in the 50 worst.


I’ve seen it. Completely incomprehensible.

Resnais also made a film called Providence with John Gielgud, Dirk Bogarde and Elaine Stritch that I saw back in the 70s. Not a bad movie at all.


Finished. No pharquing idea what that was on about.


Not at all black skivvy but definitely in the quirky indie basket, Thunder Road. Written, directed and acted by Jim Cummings. Wasn’t sure what to make of it but turned out to be a pretty affecting and funny little film. Southern US cop whose life, family etc are unravelling, his mum’s just died, he’s losing it but trying to keep a steady hold. Can very much recommend, he’s either going to be huge or this was his one off personal masterpiece.

PS I’m a fan of Marienbad, it’s a dream and you just have to try to stay awake to that (and literally sometimes). A lot of the acclaim was owing to a few filmic innovations also, especially the passing through walls with the camera device.


Onto one of the two Buñuels I have…Le Journal d’une Femme de Chambre with Jeanne Moreau.


I saw that a couple of weeks ago. So-so.


Only about half an hour in. Joseph is a top bloke…maybe just a smidge Nazi.


Inclined to concur with @Shelton10’s assessment here. Not much of a movie.


Anyone seen Rififi?

That 20 minute or so rip-off piece in almost total silence is one of the most extraordinary scene’s you’ll see.

As Molly used to say, “Do yourself a favour”.


Years ago…is that the scene they copied in the first Mission Impossible movie?


I have seen it. I think it was the first of the “caper” movies, as they used to be known, where the masterly and inventive thieves (who manage to be good guys despite committing a crime) manage to steal the fabulously valuable jewel/sculpture/formula/whatever despite the absolutely impregnable cage/laser system/whatever protecting it. The first one I remember was called Topkapi, with Melina Mercuri and Robert Morley among others, and I think it’s that one that @Alan_Noonan_10 has in mind as being ripped off by Tom Cruise. The Score is a good one, and there was a comic version called How to Steal a Million with Peter O’Toole and (I think) Audrey Hepburn. The French gangster movie The Red Circle had a caper section and an astronomical body count.


I was certainly tossing up between Topkapi and Rififi.


‘Blue Velvet’ with Dennis Hopper


Yep, l reckon it was Topkapi.
As for Blue Velvet? You could include pretty much every David Lynch movie made in this thread.



I think I’ve seen 17 and have another 3 waiting on the coffee table.

Not enough Almodóvar!


Thanks for posting @Captain_Jack .

I have only seen 4 of movies on this list.

La Dolce Vita (liked), Metropolis (didn’t do it for me), Pan’s Labyrinth (love this one) and Raise the Red Lantern (liked).

Am disappointed Children of Heaven didn’t make the list.




This list hates every foreign film I’ve ever seen.
Life is Beautiful, Babbette’s Feast, Kolya, Delicatessen.
There’s another one that I can’t recall that isn’t there either, oh, The Killer.
I must have terrible taste.


I believe I’ve seen about 20 of those. I forced myself to watch a lot of “classics” back in uni when I took some film classes. Amores Perros is one I love but didn’t find there. Life Is Beautiful too. Amélie and Breathless are faves.