MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


Whether it was careless or intentional it was the perfect excuse to boo him with gay abandon at the time.


I see what you did there.


He deserved a week for this and dropping his knees into Redman not once, not twice but three times. Can’t believe more wasn’t made of this incident. I know it wasn’t forceful but they needed to make an example of him.


Poor Norf. Just when they thought they might be half a chance…


Shouldn’t have got a week in the first place but just hate how they always arrive at the outcome so that Gil and the AFL come out smelling like roses


Next time he’s up at the tribunal does his record still count as perfect because this $2000 was waived?


I honestly don’t understand why everyone in here cares so much about this. It doesn’t affect us in any way whether he gets suspended or not so why waste time whinging about it.


Its preemptive, we know an EFC player will be suspended for far less at some stage


When was the last time a player of ours was suspended?

McKenna for his bite last year?

Before that? Zerrett?


Geelong had a 2 stage process one , claim it wasn’t deliberate, and 2 if that failed claim impeccable record.
Until he is sanctioned he can get off being sanctioned by claiming he has never been sanctioned.

He basically has impunity for life at the tribunal.


But it is about the so called "principles " of the AFL. I agree there is really no point in fighting it or even caring about principles in the context of the AFL.


Break out the tin foil everyone.


I agree. If it hadn’t been against an Essendon player we wouldn’t have even cared.

I’d actually prefer he plays next week.


I’d love it if Geelong rested him this week


entirely possible I reckon.


I’d rather the karma bus hits him and he gets whacked off the ball and has to miss weeks :grinning:


Depends on who it is, not necessarily what they do. We have seen a lot of the same in the past couple of years particularly, those players who are slowly creeping toward the big house.


Let’s fave it.

If Hodge did this, he’d still likely get off.

No way Ablett was going to get week(s)


I don’t really care that he got off for it.
I’m just glad we got a free kick after the anzac debacle


Glad he got cleared, wasnt a whole lot in it.
But you watch a low profile player/ non bums on seats player cop a suspension for the same thing.