MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


Hawks/Cousins last week.


I reckon that looked a bit worse, but it’s pretty close and pretty recent.


Wish our players flew the flag more and went a bit closer to the line to be honest. Nothing stupid, but need to be pushing the limits, and end up with a few that spill over into then MRP


So Gaz has done it again.

This week he will get 1 and it will stay 1 because it’s ok to hit Essendon players.


Agreed. Rookie mistake on his part not to take that into account. He should know better.


Well on his way to the 2019 AGoodes Award for the most booed player in the AFL.
But he will not be suspended. You know that, don’t you?


Ablett has got a habit. Jumping up and hitting a player’s head/neck with elbow/forearm and then being exasperated when the hit player has gone down.

Bad habit indeed.


I know Fyfe will get off his elbow, but there is no way that 2 years ago that is anything less than 2 weeks. Since when has raising the elbow become ok?


Spot on - that was a 2 week hit but watch Fyfe get off with 1 week reduced to 0 if he takes the early guilty plea.


Ablett and Fyfe cleared :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


naturally, the tribunal made that clear to Michael Christian last week, don’t suspend them for head high contact.


So does that mean our players can now elbow players in the head in a feigned attempt to tackle. This is farcical now.


Meanwhile some norf schmuck gets a week off for a head clash

What a fkn joke


I’d rather Fyfe play.

Having stars out doesnt seem to help us anyway.

See. Selwood and Franklin the past two weeks…


Of course it doesn’t mean that!

The AFL have two levels of rules. One they use to whack teams they don’t like. And another “pragmatic” set that applies to their little darlings.


I believe they found that Ablett deliberately hit him high. Luckily, intent doesn’t matter.


How long before one of our players gets 1-2 weeks for similar incidents which will be glossed over by a compliant media and accepted by a submissive club?


I’m not sure why we even have an MRP / Tribunal, or rules for that matter when the AFL/Umpires just do whatever the ■■■■ they want anyway.

Why don’t we just call it random ball and get a monkey to umpire and randomly blow the whistle and for the MRP get a room full of monkeys to randomly press buttons for who is going to get suspended this week. We will obviously have to remove the big names like Ablett and Fyfe so they don’t accidentally get suspended.


AFL umpires/MRP =


They’re the Best In The World?



“I was tackling him with my elbows”