MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


Except using them as guidelines will not make everything always right.


I’ve said it numerous times - love the game but hate the organisation.

Shame on them to drive people to feel that way.


be nice if that teetotaller went hard at ablett and that hypocrisy.



It’s a rotten culture, detrimentally affecting a beautiful thing.

And it feels like we’ve been at the centre of it for six years.


So this weeks training will be focussed on how to throw elbows and pole climbing?


I want elbow drops from the poles. I reckon bony ol’ Clarke could do some damage that way at least.


Blocking with elbow/forearm off the ball that happens to slip up & get oppo high given all clear


Don’t make me like Mitch Robinson!


Saga aside, which is our own baby, I wonder how opposition supporters feel about the AFL and the game. Do they also have their own “we are being shafted over by the AFL” issues? Do they also have a distrust for the organisation?


I know Melbourne supporters think they get screwed over for richer clubs, as though the afl wants the richer clubs winning because they make more money


Reckon the Umpires have lost control of the game.

Now its just a shambles. Its happening everywhere.


The idea is protect the head…

To not rub out or even cite Ablett and Fyfe this week is an incredibly dangerous precedent. Even if the outcome(for the players on the receiving end) was OK.

Could have easily not been.

Unbelievable by the AFL, absolutely unbelievable.


AFL only focuses on outcome and medical reports.


And I thought it was just a conspiracy against Essendon. We’re a wealthy club, why don’t the AwFuL do something for our benefit?


Based on the conflict of interest between airport management, airtraffic control and accident investigation, the responsibilities were split worldwide many years ago in almost all countries in the world.

Following this model, it is clear that the AFL should be split.

  1. AFL Operations reporting to AFL commission, responsible for running the game at the highest level.
  2. Quasi autonomous. AFL Umpiring and Judiciary reporting to AFL commission, funded by an annual levy on the AFL operations revenue.

It is very clear that this would solve almost all of these problems. Then only the AFL commission could corrupt the umpires, MRO and Tribunal in its day to day, week to week operations.

There would be no more of Gill coming out sanitising and and rubber stamping umpires decisions so that everything is a “good look” and TV rights/gate receipts are maximised.


The classic response of organisations like the AFL who both operate and regulate when challenged with regard to “conflict of interest mitigation” is that they set up ( propose ) “Chinese Walls” within the organisation. But Chinese Walls are just paper thin. Pressure and influence are easy to propagate through, over and around “chinese walls”

I am sure Gillon has no problem with Chinese walls. The AFL is riddled with corruption, all justified by
“for the good of the game”, but really all with the aim of maximising revenue. This is how organisations lose their integrity, the AFL passed that point a long time ago.

Its time for radical structural change and it need no cost much more to implement. But please no “Chinese Wall” bullshxt


I dont think afl house targets or protects particular clubs/players. I think away teams often get a raw deal in umpiring.

But I am def confused on the MRP. Wether you think Fyfe or Ablett should have gotten a week or more or not is beside the point.

They made deliberate head high contact. Surely that at least gets looked at and not dismissed?


Michael Christian looked at the previous one and gave Ablett a week based on the rules. The Tribunal overturned it and let Ablett off scott free. Christian then looked at the two this week and said “stuff it, they are the same so “let them off” is the new rule so I will enforce that”.


sounds believable


That wouldn’t have made an iota of difference under Mike Fitzpatrick’s reign.