MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


The people thinking Ablett or Fyfe would get suspended are probably the same people that thought we’d win against Sydney by 10 goals.


The AFL dont play favourites


As I’ve said in previous threads.

This is the Adam Goodes rule. Players who have won Brownlows or have positive community profiles get off at the MRP.
Or if it’s really bad, they get given carry over points.




No. Don’t be ridiculous




Got to be farking kidding me Ablett gets off that one

Was nothing to do with action of tackling, he literally changed direction to shepherd/block north bloke and stuck elbow/forearm up and got him high

Absolute farce

The entire ‘competition’ is a joke


What the fark? He literally launched at the bloke!

It was way worse than the week before


With each passing day I am closer and closer to becoming a much more casual follower of football.

Blatant manipulation of outcomes.

Rank incompetence covered over by marketing and authoritarian approvals.

Maladministration and complete ineptitude around the running of football departments.

I’ve had enough.


I love the people that say we wear tinfoil hats if we think the AFL are blatantly cheating.

You can argue all you like about these Ablett decisions but the Rampe situation is indefensible.

Just blatant cheats and they don’t even attempt to hide it.


And then they get confused when people boo


And people forget why they booo… then make up sh*t like “but but but, he hates Australia”.


We were booing the fact that Goodes was a protected species… then the racists jumped on board.


“Golden Boy Gazza”

Can do whatever he likes, … no penalty. I knew it would be the case, and as many have said, yes, it IS a fkn joke.


What’s even funnier, AFL said he did nothing wrong, now Rampe has been charged for climbing the goal post! Yeah but it wasn’t a free…


Please read the Football Discussion in the Rampe blurb particularly if you have children playing AFL.


I’ve been reliably informed Rodney Grinter is contemplating a come back


Listening to Whateley on 360 justify every single AFL decision is truly sickening.


So why do it?

You know that’s exactly what the dweeby little sycophant is going to do without fail. … sooo?? :thinking:


Never watch it usually but Slobbo was actually on the money and worth hearing his comments.


Heard Whatley being about as damning of the AFL as he gets this morning re: rampe on the goal post thing. He asked whether the AFL has rules or guidelines, he concluded that the only way everything can always be right is ever they’re guidelines. He was being a bit passive aggressive about it to be honest.