MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


There you go.

Not sure why people want GAJ off then.

So called champions always get away with a little more.


He will be found guilty of an offence.

The penalty will be 20,000 boos all of which have already been given. No further penalty.


Personally I didn’t like his hit on Shiel, I thought it was crude and dangerous. If that’s the norm for a fine then that’s a poor standard.


He jumped off the ground after Shiel had disposed in order to strike him in the head.

I’d like anyone to provide a shred of evidence against the facts contained in that statement.


Penalty should making him watch the full telecast of the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Although I’m not sure Geelong would complain if he got a week. They’ll be wanting to give their old phartes a week off every now and then.


I’d sentence him to burn in fire for eternity for playing footy on the Sabbath.


I thought there was a rule about deliberately preventing someone from continuing in the next play after disposing, you’re meant to get a 50. You know the sidebottom rule.


The Sidebottom rule only gets paid to Collingwood, and for some reason Hawthorn…


This, despite the fact not much force in it, thats exactly what he did and should be a week.


Tim was quick to defend it on the telly, and the other comm jumped in to say likewise, calling it a brushing. Maybe with the leading hand but the forearm was raised and collected Shiel high. It’s borderline and I reckon they’ll go with a fine. Should be a week.


with Issy Folau.

Just watch the twittersphere light up


OK, so he didn’t intend to hit Shiel’s head with his elbow ? Everything Ablett does on the footy field is in control, accurate deliberate and surgically precise. You can’t have it both ways. Whats it to be? Ablett kicked 2 goals on the weekend but of course they were unintentional.


I thought it looked intentional, just highlighting how the comms painted it.


Cousins - Hawthorn. 1 week
Ablett - Geelong $1500 fine

That’s the issue


Can’t be a fine due to the grading.
It’s a week(s) or it’s nothing


1 week. Bet they contest.




Smoke my pole Ablett


Booooooooooooooooooooooooospension for you ablett, eat it


Wow… I really thought it would only be one of our players who got suspended for something like that