Music Quiz with a difference

Yeah I didn’t think it’d work, but the colours were distinctive enough, even on that tiny blurry square.

Im upset at myself for missing this until now…a lot of wonderful records on that list.

Was the one no one could get the Dead album? Its a very strange record, and Ive always thought the best thing about it was Rick Griffins cover art. And Rosemary is a beautiful psychedlic acoustic song. But the best thing about it is definitely the cover art.


It only went up yesterday… it was just a handful of images that Swoods couldn’t identify.

That’s the one. At the small-scale, my first instinct was a Boston album (even though at normal-scale it looks nothing like one). My next thought was Tumbleweed.

Beyond that I was stumped… and annoyed because it was so familiar.

Tumbleweed use a Rick Griffin style font. So yeah, I can see the connection there.

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5/10 was Elvis’ Sun Sessions , a great lil rekurd!

Is it how many you recognise or how many you’ve listened to / owned?

How many you recognise.

So where’s the next image?

I made one with tiny bits of album covers, once.
Took me friggin’ ages.

Here’s one I just found by doing a random search on Google

Just a lazy 500 for you to name @frosty


19.3 Appetite for Destruction
19.5 In Utero
19.11 Parade
19.17 Appetite for Destruction (again)

496 to go Wim…you can do it :laughing:


I need to make a poster like this for my office. Already going to do a drummer collage so maybe I’ll do this too.

It’ll look nice with my guitars and basses.


I want carpet like this.

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Rubber soul is on there twice

Unless one is the mono mix…


It’s pre-emptive of the 2024 remix version.

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London Calling as well …

Pfft…you’re all mentioning the easy ones :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That are there twice…I’ve got my doubts about there being 500…