Music Quiz with a difference

So, here’s a sort of quiz but with a difference.

I go on a site called where I make a lot of lists (especially music lists of albums I’ve listened to.

The image below is the standard image I use for the majority of my lists.

I’ve just been trying to make a list of all the albums on it.

I got 127/136

See how many you can get (if you’re interested)

The ones I cannot get are:
Line 1, image 2 @Captain_Jack got this one :slight_smile:
Line 4, image 12 @Captain_Jack got this one :slight_smile:
Line 4, image 16 @magicalcharlie got this one :slight_smile:
Line 5, image 10 @magicalcharlie got this one :slight_smile:
Line 5, image 14 @mrjez got this one :slight_smile:
Line 5, image 17 @magicalcharlie got this one :slight_smile:
Line 6, image 16 @Captain_Jack got this one :slight_smile:
Line 8, image 9 (edited from image 8) @mrjez and @BAAKKEERRRR got this one :slight_smile:
Line 8, image 12 (edited from image 11) @BAAKKEERRRR got this one :slight_smile:

If anyone does get any of those, I’d appreciate if you could PM me to let me know.

Have fun


Line 1, image looks like a King Crimson album, can’t recall the title.
Line 4, image 12 looks like an Aerosmith cover, but it is bit small to see clearly.

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right on both counts @Captain_Jack


I counted 66 I could straight up say the artist and title, many others I know the artist but wouldn’t know what the album’s called.

Small and blurry on my phone!


8/9 would be Manic St Preachers - Holy Bible
8/12 would surely be The Beatles’ White Album

5/10, 5/14 and 6/16 maddeningly familiar.

I see 5/10’s been recognised - what the hell is it, @swoodley???

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Haven’t responded because blurry and because I can’t believe Transformer isn’t recognisable to OP…

Edit: loool. Just saw the edit.


The reason I’m asking is because it’s not a great pic… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ha, I thought it had a criss cross line pattern on it, but then realised they all do.

Did you read the OP? :laughing:

Lol didn’t read the bottom half, thought they were an answer list, realised just before your post.

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I think one is Absolution by Muse.

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Only one left…come on you lot…surely one of you knows what it is :slight_smile:

Line 5, image 14

I wanna say Van Halen II, but it’s not that.
And then I thought Journey, but it’s not that.

And after that I’m thinking something metal…

Edit: if I’m looking at the right one.

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I know by doing a reverse image search. Want any hints?

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PM me a hint and I’ll see if I can work it out :laughing:

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@mrjez got the last one…I have never even heard of the album (well, I guess I have now).

Thanks everyone for getting involved and helping me out.

If you want too see them all, here’s the list link I’ve made:

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Silly me.

For any particular reason…or just in general :laughing:


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Crikey… it never occurred to me that putting a miniscule portion of an already grainy image into a reverse image search would have any chance of working. I’m such a Luddite…

Anyhow I can sleep because I now know the one that was so annoying me. Feeling grateful…

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