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Song does nothing for me and Pj are one of my favs



there’s a feature film in that song.

Seen them a Meredith, Community cup and the Forum. One of my favourite bands of the last couple of years.



Apparently this is a Peter Gabriel song but I don’t know the original and if it is a Gabriel song it’s an impressive take on a gospel tune from a pom.
The other interesting thing about the rendition for me is the way Elling, the jazziest of jazz singers imaginable, has “washed away” all the jazz inflections from his voice, no traces of Sinatra at all. He could almost be black. He could almost be Gregory Porter, which might just be the unconscious point.
Surprisingly it works and it’s part of his new CD, The Questions, it’s all on spotify.


Light the torch released an album today. Howard Jones ex Killswitch






Possibly overtaken Beyond Oblivion as my favourite track off Trivium’s last album.
Mostly cos of the solo and Alex Bent’s drumming



Too gimmicky and formulaic, . NO! … :smirk:




Ahhhh…more mouldy oldies from the ‘90s


This is so Rad, cant wait for the new album


Nice! Spoon Cover ECSR


RIP Cecil Taylor. Cecil who? Well Cecil didn’t care if you knew, he was that sort of artist. A giant of the Avant Guarde, Cecil was one of those apocryphal artists who refused to compromise his music. And as a result he composed and played some great music to a chorus of deaf ears. I bought “Conquistador” a long time ago and listened to it a few times and was impressed but then put it aside for further examination when I had free time for, dare I say it, “difficult music”. Eventually I realised it’s not even that difficult, I’ve just got slow ears. “Exit time” reminds me a lot of ■■■■■■■ Brew which it predates by 4 years. Glen Gould described him as one of the great US pianists but it took a long time for people to notice. At the creative heart of his career noone would record him and like our own late great Bernie McGann he had to wait till his autumn days for recognition.
I’m posting Gary Giddens analysis piece too. Giddens is one of the foremost modern music critics and this is a fascinating insight into a significant musician.