Music You've Been Listening To


New satanic surfers, nfaa and pennywise albums drop in the same week. what year even is this.


This is a solid album


Like that. Will explore further.


Been listening to orchestral versions of trance songs that were pretty close to me. thanks to @Klawdy 's dj set.


You no doubt would have heard this one?


The new A Perfect Circle is perfect. Not heavy just nicely written songs with MJK mixing up vocal tones. All the normal lyrical content for MJK.

New Pennywise is rad too.


Listen to Kevin Is Home Alone by Dead Memory Records #np on #SoundCloud


Best aussie song ever.



My new favourite band…


Nice, maybe some tours coming up?


You really enjoy that band? I wrote a song in an hour about home alone to take the ■■■■ out of this band



Youre probably right, just had a good feel to it, sort of time you’d listen to a couple of times and grow old quick. Still thought they had a nice turn of phrase, and I enjoy 3 piece bands.

I’ll stay off the goon next time.


I think they are supporting The Cosmic Psychos in forthcoming Queensland gigs


They are supporting Queens of the Stone Age Nationally


yeah that smoko song is the ■■■■



My quote didn’t work properly, was more keen on the Pennywise or No Fun at all, if they’re touring, but I’ll be seeing tje psychos in the next fortnight or so


No Fun at all are touring november


NFAA at the Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood…cup eve…holds bugger all


Ok, this could be big.


Saw them at the Tote…was insane