Music You've Been Listening To



I just loved driving down the freeway to Earthless the other day, this song in particular. Just seems to get me there in half the time.



Holy crap, how good is INXS’s Don’t Change?

Doesn’t even sound like them.


Divinyls - Siren

What a front woman. This chick could rock.




Opeth… where to start? Where to finish? No more talented band on the planet.





I’ve been loving this band since someone played them in the DJ thread. Will need to check who t was and thank them


Sorry, Greta Van Fleet


Another woman who could/can rock. Discovered this rather old clip (2012) after getting into some of Zeppelin’s live stuff, but this is probably the best version of Stairway that I have seen/heard.



Donny’s daughter no less and she sure can sing.


Can’t say I’m aware of Donny Puppy’s work.


Halvorson sounds like no-one else, in a good way I think. I like the critic Nate Chinen’s description of her “gawky elegance”.
When she started out she said “No-one would take me seriously. They would take one look at me and say ‘OK, folk singer.’”


I wrote a song. This is a pretty radio Triple M Rock song with my mate Josh on vocals. I recorded it so if its not 100% let me know


Nice work.

Is that your buddy’s natural voice? It sounds a lot like someone else, who I can’t put my finger on…


Bring Me The Horizon?

It’s quite good.
I’m far too old for my opinion to be anything more than my opinion, but a bit of bass and sparingly used vocal effects should fill it out really nicely.
I very much liked the bridge. So much so that if it were me I’d consider moving it to the start.

I liked it. Hope to hear more.
Good luck with it!