Music You've Been Listening To


Adds to list :slight_smile:


This is a cracking and prolific band.
Song from the latest album and it’s fracking great


Daughter’s band. Review and 4 track new EP


Wow, will check it out.


Enjoyed the 3 tracks on the 7", but these are even better.

They remind me somewhat of an early B 52’s / XL Capris combo.


Been getting into these guys unfortunely thus far limited catalogue.


I haven’t gotten through the whole lot but I will. Quite like that.

I’ve been enjoying this one. I am behind the curve because they were nominated for an ARIA apparently.


Really strong East meets West release from Alister Spence and the Satoko Fujii Orchestra. Spence is one of our best composers and here he teams with renowned fellow pianist, Fujii. It’s a hybrid of modern classical, avant garde and contemporary jazz, adventurous and challenging music but still melodically driven.


New Gizz album out soon another track released nice heavy overtunes


Yeah spot on, thats what I think. Here’s one from a recent show at Northcote socials in Melbourne.

They up the temp on this one from the original

There;s a few more from the poster of this one on YT


Domi Degalle is a teenager, which is staggering. Fusion lives.


Just a tiny bit of talent…



Poetry regularly resists musical translation but I think Becca Stevens has nailed this version of Jane Tyson Clement’s “There are things to be remembered.”

There are things to be remembered
when the heart is old,
and many words are waiting
before the tale is told;
for many hawks are plunging
upon the summer air,
and still the mice are creeping,
and still the world is fair.

A necessary evil
is portioned to the heart;
we might as well acknowledge
the devil from the start
and know the hasty blossom
as swiftly will decay,
while other flowers are waiting
to grace a forward day.

It is foolish to have wisdom
and folly to be blind;
to see and take and question
must nourish any mind;
reserve a quiet judgment
until the heart is old,
when fewer words are needed
before the tale is told.






Have not listened to Warren Zevon for a while but love going back,


Gave Excitable Boy a spin just last week.

Just a fkn fantastic Album.