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Not much of a video, but a cool song nonetheless.


Getting into The Murlocs some new Aussie Talent


Listened to it 25 times


Can’t wait for the new album, then hopefully a Tool show in Melbs.


Ezra Collective - best band in Britain today.



haha I thought about this song and the lyrics as we got screwed over be the AFL once again Friday. Good song to stoke the anger with


Impressive. Remind me of Snarky Puppy with a bit of Ska and Afro Cuban thrown in.


Yes, I see what you mean. Snarky Puppy’s been on the go for around 15 years, so no doubt the guys in Ezra Collective have heard them. But SP is hell of a lot bigger than EC - sort of like 15-piece versus 5-piece. Ezra have come out of the London Ska scene crossed with African. They’ve just released a knockout album “You Can’t Steal My Joy.”


A bluesy soulful Doris? Who’d have thought it. Previn and Day both dead this year. Nice album.




Any new Mehldau CD is a source of rejoicing, in this case religious rejoicing because “Finding Gabriel”, as the title suggests, openly draws inspiration from the Bible. I could take a cheap shot and note that it’s not surprising an ex-herion addict has embraced God, but that would overlook the fact that it’s a terrific CD full of fine music and musicianship.
It’s not at all like his trio or solo releases, more like Largo or Highway Rider, and he makes lavish use of studio effects and synths and vocals, including his own voice which isn’t bad at all. No doubt the critics will hone in on “The Prophet is a Fool” with its anti Trump voice over, but there are no passengers here.
An instant classic.




Zapa me baby!





I’ll explain how I survived Sunday after a sleepless Saturday night and the HORROR. For family reasons I had to drive to Bendigo for a choral concert of all things. Still my beating heart, NOT. I had told my better half the date and setting were problematic but she said tough ■■■■, we’re going. And added something about life goes on irrespective of politics. So we went, Thank Christ, or more pertinently, Thank Handel . I had expected to sleep through it but it was wonderful. I’ve never witnessed a full chorale concert before but it was sublime. Bendigo Chamber Choir are seriously sensational, even to my untrained ear. Helped me to forget how shhit much of the nation was for a good hour and a half. Nietzsche, who knew a bit about overcoming, once said life without music wasn’t worth living, and after Saturday, I’m not arguing.
Chorale music rocks! And so does Handel.
This isn’t the Bendigo Chamber Choir, but they did it.

And this.