Music You've Been Listening To

Do Not Like.
Some arrogant producer jerk is going to remix Dark Side of the Moon.

If the multitracks still exist, it’s only a matter of time. From memory PF sold their music rights for some extraordinary amount of money, so I don’t know what control they have anymore.

Even if the multitracks don’t exist, as shown with the recent Revolver remix, technology has evolved where it’s getting very possible to “de-mix” albums. What I’ve posted above is freebie algorithms, so imperfect results thus far. It will almost certainly get better though… One can only imagine what is possible using pro gear.

I assume this is the sort of stuff which people have used for the myriad remixes of …And Justice For All out there, attempting to get a better, more bass-laden mix…

I’m just very get off my lawn about this.

Yeah, I’m very much “it is what it is”. Even when I cringe a bit at the poor sound of Hüsker Du’s “Don’t Wanna Know…” I wouldn’t buy a completely “fixed” version.


I’m okay with the creators doing what they like, and honestly I loooove a good mash-up, so I’m not really sure what my problem is.

I just…don’t want producers to put out their own cuts of classic albums…

By and large, I agree with you. An album is what it is… don’t fark with it.

XTC’s Skylarking and Oranges And Lemons have long been the bane of the band (and fans) for what they considered to be imperfect mixes (too shiny, too trebly, too this, too that). There’s been band-sanctioned remixes over the past few years using the original multi-tracks. To be honest, I don’t know that either of them demonstrably improved anything. Skylarking still sounds stunning, and O&L still sounds too trebly…


Friggin’ amazing track.
Especially at the time (1981, not 1986), but even now.

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I’d go each day but I think the printer mucked up the headline acts.

But if I could only make one day, it would be day 1.

Giving The Beatles and Bowie a miss?

Yeah, I think I’d do day one, too.
It’s supposed to be my most played artists.
I am very, very dubious.
I think I’ve had a Beatles song in my end of year playlist once.

Pink Floyd, Midnight Oil, The Police, Dire Straits & Cold Chisel are a better top 5 than either of the other days (imo)

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Unleashing this Boist…


Breaking The Girl… I got to smash the ride cymbal when we played it.
Soooo much fun.

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The instrumental at the end of Sir Psycho Sexy…
Haven’t heard anything like it.
It’s probably four chord just to make me feel silly, but…yeah.
It’s kinda beautiful.

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I’m so annoyed that I wrote her off as a novelty for so long. So, so long.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Those are some very nice albums Wim.
I’m a bit late to the party, but I just listened to this for the first time.

It’s quite captivating. I’m going to have to listen to more of their work.


Taking my 10 year old to see them. Sitting very close to where John Frusciante will be playing.

He’s incredibly excited.

Righteous & the Wicked

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