Music You've Been Listening To

On that aforementioned shower cap record, I tried De-Solv-It, which I read about online, it’s usually for getting sticky residue off things on the house. Possibly reduced a little of the muffled noise but the record was beyond saving. And I didn’t wanna keep placing my needle on it.

Edit: this is not the Vinyl thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good point… I’ll take it elsewhere…


JRock leads the world atm

Oh my.
Oh, my word…

I’m sure I’m late but, that voice…that growl…

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Awesome live version, remember this one from an X-FILES episode.


That first album is my fav H & C effort. Of course it helps that it was a double. The big band was needed to flesh out the extend musical excursions. Not long after the album came out they headlined a night at Melbourne Uni, in the same theatre where l saw Muddy Waters. Call it an anomaly of the acoustics, but l found myself near the middle of the hall. The music began and l was struck in the sternum by a very pleasant vibration. It only happened while they were playing, so it was the music that was the cause. I experimented a little by shifting side to side, or forward and back. Each time l moved about half a metre the vibrating in my chest stopped, so l moved back to where it was. This was the only time and place l have ever experienced such a feeling.

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More of a fan of the verses than the chorus, she has such a pure voice, she doesn’t need anyone else to help her out on the vocals.

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It is 50 years since l first heard this song.
One of the main points of difference between Harper and his contemporaries is his gift for melody, he uses the guitar to expand his musical landscape, it is not just to accompany a voice, but takes the lead in places.

Evidently it came out in 2016, but I first came across this beguiling track just last week. For fans of the Talk Talk album Spirit of Eden (it’s the first reference point that sprung to mind for me… well, that and Radiohead’s All I Need…)

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Not sure if I’ve posted this???

I’ve found Duran Duran’s recent releases pretty ordinary. Not terrible, but not really demanding a second listen.
I love this, though.

The album is out now, too, and I enjoyed the first track which is a real throwback to the sparse trancey sound from their first couple of albums, but I haven’t had a chance to check out the full monstrosity of their covers of Psycho Killer, Bury A Friend, Paint It Black, Ghost town and Supernature among others.

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They released an album of covers in 1993-ish, which would be in consideration for the worst album of all time. It is truly vile.
Hearing Le Bon doing White Lines and 911 Is A Joke just defies all comprehension.

On that basis then, I wouldn’t hold high expectations. The thought of them massacring Ghost Town makes me shudder.


But you want to hear it, right?

I agree on those calls but I genuinely like their Lay Lady Lay.

I didn’t mind their Perfect Day to be honest, but it was so close to the original as to be a bit pointless.

I’ll listen to it when I get a chance but… I’m prepared to be appalled.

Still, there will always be Save A Prayer, The Chauffeur and Ordinary World which are genuinely great songs.

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Nah… didn’t like that much at all. Le Bon rapping is… not good.

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And I just checked out some of the other tracks…
Hoo boy…

His voice is just so, so unsuited to the songs they’ve done.


The electrodancey version of Paint It Back that nobody knew they needed… :rofl::rofl: