Music You've Been Listening To

As I said, I haven’t heard them, but I find it best to imagine that the originals don’t exist. That Duran Duran wrote the songs.

After they got justfiably horse-whipped for that diabolical 90’s effort, I’m absolutely staggered they’ve gone down this road again. And yet here we are…

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I really don’t think they care.

Nor probably should they… but by Jesus they’re going to cop some heat again…

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It brings to mind that old saying "there’s no such thing as bad publicity "

They could make it sound like the first half of the Planet Earth synth line.

New songs out.

Mix of Deftones v Cranberries

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Hackney Diamonds - The Rolling Stones

Exile on Main St - The Rolling Stones


I agree about the Talk Talk like sound, and that is a good thing in my book.

I haven’t heard anything by DD since the mid 1980s, living overseas before the streaming era kicked in big time will do that. I quite like this, in particular l like the relentless rhythm, and it is probably a good thing the vocals are deep in the mix, then it changes course pleasantly.

The slow build from about 8 mins, Woah Nelly!

Noice …

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I find the whole idea a bit tacky and the song itself rather ordinary.

edit: Just gave it a second listen and it’s not that bad.

Better than I expected, Johns voice sounds amazing considering what it came from. New Beatles and Stones in 2023, what an odd timeline

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It was never going to be another HeyJude, but it ■■■■■ all over Maxwells Silver Hammer.

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One of favourite lyricists (of the style). Very happy he’s back making music.

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Don’t mind it.

It would have been B-side filler in The Beatles peak. But it sounds alright.

Edit: Love Me Do remastered version immediately follows it. Confirms my above thought.

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You leave Maxwell alone!! I mean, it’s typical throwaway McCartney but at least it’s not Mull of Kintyre or Within You Without You or Wild Honey Pie or Revolution Number 9

So, Now And Then?.. it’s OK. Somewhat better than I’d expected, but still pretty inessential. Verses are nice, chorus is a bit weak. At least it doesn’t sound like Jeff Lynne…

If I had to rate the three post-Beatles tracks (all of which are only of passing interest) it would be Real Love > Now And Then >>>>> Free As A Bird

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An outstanding musical workout. I have long been a fan of longer, more musical tracks and this one is right up there among the best l have heard in many years. My favourites in this genre of music are Storm Monday (live) by Mountain at the Atlanta Pop Festival, and Rattle Snake Shake (live in Boston) by Fleetwood Mac. Both of those tracks are over 20 min long and take on classical style improvisations, rather than just rock jams. Having said all that l am not a fan of Grateful Dead and their musical meanderings.

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I agree with this. John’s voice sounds very different on this, it is strained, and the whole song sounds like a dirge. I have to admit my bias though. I lived through the whole Beatlemania phase and was never all that enamoured of them. This was compounded by a mate who used to flog their records every chance that he got, to the point where l just wanted to avoid listening to them. Then a few months ago l saw one of their movies, A Hars Day’s Night, and developed a whole new appreciation of their art, only took 50 years or so.

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