Music You've Been Listening To

I hear Tool…I do…
But have you heard Ashes to Ashes?

Edit: I mean…
But…feel does it better.

I’m sure SP thought Ava Adore was better than Zero.

It’s really really not, though.

Feel free to stop me at any time.


Ha, ha, ha.
So many of your posts start and end with a ‘l will fight you’ line/stance, before anyone else has even had a chance to digest what you have said. Like, here is the chip on my shoulder, l will knock it off to save you the trouble, and then start. You’re funny.

Strange hill to die on, but at least I’ll be dead. :wink:

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You’re right it’s a great song, I always get stuck on The Real Thing, solid album, so thanks for directing me back to Angle Dust.

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To my ears this is in 4. The phrasing of the music is in bars of 4. The music is definitely being swung and that is why you are getting that 6/8 feel. You might say it in 12/8 which would account for the 4 phrasing.

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Not my usual genre of preference, but the energy in this… wow.

(Bad language, don’t play to your kiddies unless they’re Antifa types).

This is the only part of this I have any issue with.

I’m not Mike Patton. Nobody is Mike Patton.

You could argue that not even Mike Patton is Mike Patton. Not for long stretches of time.

I find no other fault in your analysis.


Good point, well made.
Serious baritone on Ashes To Ashes, let alone his other…well…not to be nerdy, but feats.

To quote the wonderful Machinations, you’ve got me going again…
Their melodies are so sweet. It’s ridiculous.
I’m surprised they’re not covered more by…crooners and ukelele girls.

Edit: further looool. Just realised who I was talking about serious baritone to…

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I read somewhere that of all “modern” popular artists, he has the broadest range, equal to Prince. Both more than ol mate Mariah. I don’t know how they measured it.

As for me, I find it very uncomfortable singing in my “normal” range. I tend to go an octave up, sadly I have a very low top end so I do myself out of a number of vocal manoeuvres.

Just sing Pearl Jam.
Or Old Man River.

If you’re ever lonely, just go to a karaoke bar and sing the first line of Elderly Woman…

Edit: Kate and Axl are the ones that immediately impress me with their range.
I’ve never heard anything below tenor from Prince.
Edit: edit: and whistle notes don’t impress me from female vocalists. Depth does.

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Crash test Dummies also works.

And one cannot beat a bit of Johnny Cash.

I should probably look at vocal training, but I doubt I ever will. When I was performing you’d have half of the helpful wannabes saying “do lessons, you’ll be so much better” and the other half saying “never let anyone near your voice”.

Edit: female vocalists, it’s the ones with soul and growl that I enjoy the most. Janis, Nina. Lasagne del Rey, as much as I’m conflicted saying it, has her moments.

Seems the girly girl is the archetype across all genres now though, sadly.

I can confidently say that I never had anyone tell me that.

I was more of an ‘I am awesome and I will convince you by the end of the night and tomorrow you’ll wonder why you had such a good time but you’ll go…he’s kind of alright’ kind of vocalist.

Nobody cares about the vocalist in cover bands.
Do ■■■■■■■ into Elderly and then shred your voice on Free World but also be Bono and…damn…Mr Jones has more high notes than you’d think…

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Lasagna is better on vinyl.
I do genuinely like Olivia, though. There’s guitar in it.

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This is quite true. It’s a tough gig, you’re universally hated by other musos, and it’s hard to not throw passion in to it, because that’s your job, but then, why throw gut wrenching, fall to your knees passion in to your 11pm front bar rendition of “sex on fire”? Makes you look a tight twat. Damned either way.

I took the more pretentious path and did originals.


I had more respect for my audience than to do originals.

Yeah…puts my hand up. I did the knee drop on More Than You Are.

Edit: another shredder, and the band has decided Where The Streets is next.

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