Name our Home base


Its a shame Windy Hill is not transportable, but I’m glad we’re doing this rather than selling our souls to the highest bidder every 3-5 years (hello Lexus/Westpac/Holden Centre etc).

For me, it’s gotta be The Hangar doesn’t it?


Spongy Floors


The Richard Reynolds complex

(D*ck is a swear word apparently)


FFS filter FFS


Not sure that would be accepted. But i like it.


Destination HQ


Windier Hill


Can’t remember who it was, but someone on here a few years ago came up with Neville Fields.


Enter Jackets HQ



So we can all say it like Blackadder.




The Neil Craig Center For Footballers Who Can’t Football Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.


The Hill



Big fluro letters so every single new visitor coming from the Airport sees it and understands.

Will be a public service as it will shorten the learning time for most


You would have to change all the gates over to the left hand side.


Stringer Things


Homey McHomeBase




Just checked the link. The options are all aaaaawwwwffffful.


The Flight Deck??