Name our Home base


Bomber Squadron HQ.


The Slop Bucket.


If they chuck in a night club… yes

The Hangar.


Windy Fields


The fark you AFL you pack of absolute farking carnts and also fark you Gil you polo loving toff scumbag and fark you Fat Vlad you lying piece of sh/t Centre

PS: Fark Caro




Vrooom Akkaakkkakkaaakkkaa Vroom Vroom


Home of the Non-Muslim Bombers


Something like this was my choice also, but you put it far more eloquently than I ever could. Kudos. :laughing:


It’s Saad you would write that


Oirish says ‘hi!’


Perhaps we should do a poll?
These are the options being offerred by the club:

  • The Flight Centre
  • The Hangar
  • The Bomber Base

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My guess is it is a token effort to get the members to endorse “The Hangar” as the name of the name of our HQ.

But I could be wrong, so why not check with you all.

EDIT: Oops, the first option should have been " The Flight Deck".


The Hangar.


The “all the other names sucked” Arena


Jake Stringer arena


Tina Arena Arena


All a bit boring aren’t they??

Hirdy’s Hangar. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Squadron Centre.

Top Flight/Gun Training Centre.

The Launch Pad.

Out of the offered, . I s’pose The Flight Deck is the choice.


Seriously most boring conservative names ever to choose from.

I would even prefer a sponsors name.

At least name it after a club legend or something FFS.


Best guess is factoring in the expansion plans the whole area is going to become a names precinct


I wasn’t one but am now seriously tempted