Name our Home base


Everybody should vote for ‘The Bomber Base’ just to serve them right for putting that as an option.


Basey McBaseFace


This has traction. We should drill down on this.


Al Harrington’s wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man emporium and warehouse.


Yep - if you’re looking for a “new iconic name that will live in history” or whatever, and that’s one of three options, you’re not really trying.


The House That Jackets Built


That’s your trade thread name right there.


Haha, was just gonna say that.


Sheedy’s Shed


Sheddy’s Sheed


Gets my vote on the condition that they get Paul Salmon back in some sort of official greeter role.


Is there an echo in here?


Runway 17

The idea being it is the launchpad for the next premiership. When we win it, change the name to Runway 18, etc. Gets to show off our flags while looking forwards.




Absolutely it has to be The Hangar because it is where all Bombers learn to fly.




I know we normally wouldn’t do this, but something along the lines of “The Stephen Dank Centre of Excellence” would really give Squatter Gil the pinks…


Fark Carlton Academy


Area 51 South


Ground Zero