Name your allegiances


AFL: Essendon
HFNL: Port Fairy
EDFL: Aberfeldie
VAFA: Glen Eira
EPL: Spurs
SPL: The Hoops
MLB: Braves, Cubs to a lesser degree
NRL: Storm, Rabbitohs
Cricket: Australia, Vics

Can’t cop
NFL is more who I can’t stand which is NFC East and the Patriots
EPL can’t stand Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle
NRL Manly
MLB Rest of the NL East, Yankees, Cardinals, Tigers, Giants (won too often and have a sense of entitlement)
Cricket: everyone else
SPL Rangers


Forgot Millwall noonz


Did I? silly me!

Left the Hammers out of my hate list too, but that’s only because of Stallion (the reason I hate them, that is).


New Jersey Devils

Blue Jays

Wolves & Coventry


EPL - ANY TEAM playing Man Un


AFL: Essendon

NRL: Storm

Cricket: Aussies, Vics and Stars

NFL: Dolphins
CF: Notre Dame (Fighting Irish!)

Football: Man U

Motorsport: Ricciardo


AFL: Dons
Football: Juventus, English: Wolves sorta, Country: Italia
F1: Seb Vettel
Cricket: Scorchers


Sydney Roosters
Boston Celtics


AFL: Essendon

NFL: Packers
NCAA: Nebraska
NHL: Philadelphia
MLB: St. Louis

NBA: Nobody these days… when I was a kid I watched Magic, Bird, Jordan, Dr. J but I lost interest in the 90s

Golf: Tiger, Jason Day, Steve Stricker
Tennis: McEnroe, Agassi, Roddick

Most hated: Carlton, Hawthorn, Alabama, Penn State, Notre Dame, Vikings, Bears, Seahawks, Cubs, Penguins


AFL: Essendon
Union: meh
League: Storm
Cricket: Brisbane Heat and always Windies
NFL: Chargers
Basketball: Portland and Cairns Taipans
MLB: Padres
Football: Casually follow Bris Roar, hard follow Arsenal
Motorsport: Biggest Meh ever.


Sometimes I wonder if threads like this are an attempt to social engineer blitzer’s recover password account info. but then i remember some of the questions regarding tech that show up on this forum and my fears are abated.


Noonans team is Milllwall, disregard what he wrote above about Tottenham he’s wrong.


yup, his most famous of quotes

‘■■■■ YOU I’M MILLWALL’ is still gold.


AFL: Essendon

NRL: Storm

Super Rugby: Rebels

Cricket: Bushrangers

Soccer: Victory

NBL: United, but I’m a Nunwading Spectre so mixed feelings

All National sides

NBA: Bulls

MLB: Cubs

NHL: Blackhawks

NFL: Bears

Love everything Chicago

US College: North Carolina

EPL: Manchester United


Stallion and barnz are lying ■■■■■.

Just because I said the first day I arrived in England in 1978, some Millwall fans celebrated a win over West Ham by throwing a Hammers fan under a tube train.

Grudging admiration for guys who follow through on their hatred does not constitute a lifelong affiliation.


Australian rules: Essendon
Sunraysia Football League: Mildura Demons
A-League: Melbourne City
Big bash: Don’t really care but if I had to nominate a side it would be Melbourne Renegades
NBL: Melbourne Tigers therefore I don’t care for this comp anymore
NRL: Melbourne Storm

International Sports
EPL Football: Arsenal
SPL Footbal:l Rangers
International Soccer: Socceroos then Germany
Cricket: Australia
IPL: Zero interest
Formula 1: Daniel Ricciardo but not really interested anymore
Tennis: Roger Federer
Golf: I don’t count it as a sport, but I actually have more interest in Tiger Woods than I ever have.
Rugby Union Wallabies but not fussed much at all
MMA: Zero interest

American Sports
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers then New York Knicks a distant second
NFL: Zero interest
MLB: Zero interest
NHL: Zero interest

Hate List
1 carltank blose
2 man united
3 celtic & collingwood
4 Boston celtics
5 chavski
6 indian national sides
7 pommy cricket team
8 uruguyan national soccer team/norf Melbourne & dorkthorn
9 pretty much any team from niw zullind
10 italian national soccer team

I have probably missed some from most of the above lists.



Ok, now on to less important stuff.

MLB - San Francisco Giants
NFL - San Francisco 49ers
Football - Real Madrid
IPL - Kings XI

Football - España, Socceroos/Matildas, US Mens and Women’s Teams
Cricket - India and Australia

NBA - Golden State Warriors


Australian Sports
SANFL: Central Districts
AFL: Essendon
NRL: Canberra Raiders
Super Rugby:
Cricket: Redbacks
Soccer: Adelaide United

US Sports
NHL: Boston Bruins

EPL: Manchester United
SPL: Celtic
Australia and England in all international competetions


That’s a deep cut, casual Healesville fan here… and anyone playing Wandin.


West Perth Cardies/Falcons
Melbourne Victory and Perth Glory
Ipswich Town, Arsenal, Hajduk Split