Name your allegiances


A mate of mine did rehab up there for a while, then settled and became a local. Initially he, not a big footy player, decided to shed a ton of weight in a preseason with Yarra Junction and was stuck in their 2’s til he did an ankle. He took me down to watch his old mate’s at home, take on Jason Ball’s old mate’s Yarra Glen. They were getting done by about 15 goals and the biggest all in blue I’ve ever seen on a footy field took place. Loved it, country bogans, hill boys cruisin for a bruisin in the magoos.

We decided to watch the seniors in Warby in a heated contest with Emerald, home side got up. One look at the ground and I knew they were my team. The old club rooms, goalposts carved from logs at the local mill, the massive lean at one side from flank to goal, it’s generally a gluepot and the Yarra river running round the back. They were a decent team but have hit the skids. I live in Melbourne but during the saga when I’d felt I’d had enough of AFL in general, the Burras became my refuge.

Healesville are the big boys. I hear Poweltown’s ground is a nice spot.



One of my good mates is in this photo somewhere. It’s a good fun community atmosphere, old local fossils and the nettie girls watching. Some very pretty grounds too. You know it hasn’t been ruined by the dollars yet because people still get stick for being “out of towners”.


AFL: Essendon (duh!)
Union: meh
NRL: anyone except the Cowboys and Broncs
Cricket: 'straya
NBL: Taipans
NBA: Seattle Supersonics and Kevin Durant.
NFL: Washington Redskins
MLB: NY Yankees (cos of Jeter)
NHL: Detroit Red Wings and Vegas Golden Knights
EPL: not a big footer fan but ManU after my grandad.
Tennis: Federer
Golf: meh


World game: Man United, Rotterdam Feyenoord, Melbourne Victory, Socceroos, Holland.

Cricket: Victoria, Australia, don’t give a f*ck about BBL.

Tennis: any smartarse, mouthy, & lose their sh*t on the court type of player… just to give that pathetic sport some balls.

League: Melbourne Storm

Don’t watch American Sports.


Same here.

And frankly I do not have the time to be invested in anything else, other than peripheral entertainment.

I am amazed at all the others here who have time not only to watch other AFL games but also so many other sports.


AFC Wimbledon


VFL: Essendon

(and stuff the rest of youse)


AFL: Essendon, obviously.
Union: Wallabies, Wellington Hurricanes
League: Storm
Cricket: Bushrangers and Melbourne Stars
NFL: Cowboys
Basketball: (yawn)
MLB: Boston Redsocks. Soft spot for LA Dodgers.
English Football: Wimbledon FC (R.I.P.), AFC Wimbledon (MK Dons are an abomination)
Scottish Football: Partick Thistle
Motorsport: Danny Ric.
Tennis: Federer


EFC. That’s it.


NFL: EFC (go Panthers! Zaharakis has kicked the goal!)
GAA: Cork (Blood and Bandages)
SPL: Glasgow Celtic
EPL: Arsenal
NHL: Vancouver (here come the Kiddie Kanucks)
La Ligue: PSG
Admittedly varying levels of interest. Victoria and Australia in all cricket, international rules and other representative comps.


AFL: Essendon

League: Rabbitohs and Storm

Cricket: Australia

NFL: Vikings

Basketball: Celtics


West indies
Washington redskins
Indiana pacers
Colorado avalanches

Previously melbourne heart but stopped once city bought them





San Antonio Spurs (plus I very closely follow the progress of all the Aussies in the NBA)
Australian Cricket Team
Netherlands in World Cup Football play (don’t @ me, I grew up watching them as all my family are imports and die hards, long before Australia ever qualified and when they eventually did I found my love for the Orange was a little stronger)
Seattle Mariners


Cricket - Bushrangers and Renegades
NBA - San Antonio Spurs
NFL - Baltimore Ravens


Lost interest in the NBA during the 90s, now more of a player fan than a team fan, although somebody mentioned that Ben Simmons might be an Australian and maybe follows essendon?

Huge 76ers fan now if true.


Yeah, but that was benfti, and you know how he exaggerates.


NSW Blues


Nice to see another Spurs fan around here.
Way to much Arsenal luv for my liking in this thread.


Australian Sports:

AFL: Essendon
NRL: Storm
Cricket: Bushrangers, Australia
A-League: Melbourne Victory


EPL: Liverpool
Tennis: Federer
J-League: Yokohama Marinos
NPB: Yokohama Baystars

US Sports:

NHL: LA Kings
NFL: The Niners
NBA: Celtics
MLB: Indians

Passionately support:

  1. Essendon
  2. Liverpool
  3. LA Kings