Name your allegiances


Now I’m picturing you in front of a MEGAWALL, checking live action from all sports. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man United
NY giants
AC Milan

Think that’s it. Don’t follow T20 or know enough about F1 any more


Ha, ha. Pretty much, Jez-san. Two walls. Sports wall & ASX wall. And turntables on the other side of the room. Man cave.


Bombers (obviously)

MLB - Giants

EFL - Forest


Australian Sports:

AFL: Essendon
VFL: Essendon (and Port Melbourne - I liked them before Dons joined)
NRL: Storm
Cricket: Bushrangers, Australia. Renegades/Stars
A-League: Melbourne Victory


EPL: Man-U
Tennis: Federer

US Sports:

NFL: Miami/Greenbay


I don’t follow much else outside of AFL/VFL, but I’ll watch plenty of Spurs games and check their results, go to some Cerezo Osaka games in the J-League, and occasionally Hanshin Tigers in the Japanese baseball comp.


I figured you as a Gamba man, no?


No, I used to live a block from Cerezo’s stadium and now live even further south. Cerezo is the south, Gamba the north.


Ah, I see. Likewise. I live on the border of Yokohama, Kamakura & Zushi, so I support the Yokohama teams. Am ‘anti-Giants’ as the Japanese like to say.


Essendon (AFL)
Norwood (SANFL)
St Marys (NTFL)
NY Giants (NFL)
Any Australian team or players for other sports (except for Kyrios, I go for anyone who’s playing against him).


A-League: Victory
EPL: Liverpool
NFL: Green Bay
NCAA Football: Oklahoma
NHL: Winnipeg
MLB: Chicago White Sox
NBA: Detroit
NRL: Storm


Nottingham Forest
Washington Redskins
Valentino Rossi.


Is Noodles still going around?


Think so.


How many flags he up to? 12??


For the saints? 8?


AFL: Essington
Union: Meh
League: Parra, qld
Cricket: ‘straya, ‘canes
NFL: Meh
Basketball: Meh
NHL: the one the Aussie plays for
MLB: Meh
Football: Man city, rangers
Motorsport: Daniel Ricciardo
Tennis: the one that gets advice from chair umpire.
Golf: tiger


He comes down here and plays too. Played in one at Healesville


Leeds United
Red Sox
LA Kings
GS Warriors


EPL: Everton
MLB: Toronto Blue Jays
NHL: Edmonton Oilers