Napalm Balme

Everywhere he’s been he’s had an explosive effect.

Collingwood, Geelong, Richmond have all won flags with him involved in some capacity, and he got Melbourne to a couple of prelims from memory.

As soon as Richmond announced he was joining up ahead of any of those pedo losers (excluding Brian Wood) that was the last piece of their puzzle.

There’s a position going now that pollie blokes gone. Balmes a proven calming influence on inner workings, and I’m not overly convinced ours is too flash. (Then again, I’m not on the inside).

Sheeds, do your thing.

didn’t we say the same thing about caracella?


Caracella will still fix us

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1 man can’t fix a rotten loser culture

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Seriously, how longs caracella been here?

You expect the messiah after 8 rounds?

Which reality do you occupy? You boobs. You’re all boobs.

Caracella thrived in a good, organised work environment.

Strike a farkun light.


talk about triggered. lol

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i dont believe its a coaching issue. All our players lack footy smarts. Delist 90% of the list and keep draper,ridley, mcgrath, parish and BZT then build around that and get on with it

The coaches need to set standards and hold every player accountable to those standards. We haven’t done that for 15 years


Exactly it should be standards not learnings…


Kinda can’t help but wonder if a measured amount of stern, tough love is needed.
IE - ‘Effort is non-negotiable. If you have a problem with this you can p*ss off.’
Good leaders use an ounce of fear to get results.


Who’s a paedophile?

Wasn’t it someone at Hawthorn, who then suicided?

We need a McMahon type character at Essendon. Xavier is to gen-Y for mine. Need someone with some big balls to come in and shake up the place!

McMahon wasn’t the CEO

It’s probably a bit mean but I was ropable yesterday. And I was really only referring to one of them…


yeah zero chance of this happening.

and anyway, we got the guy that balme replaced at richmond…

the more i have thought about this, the more annoyed I’ve got

our ball movement is legit diabolical. absolutely no system. and caracella is responsible for that. so why shouldn’t it be questioned? like, there are not even ANY signs on the way we want to move the ball and enter our 50. unless the game plan is actually to make it up on the fly, and bombbbb it hiiiiigh every time

i suggest you listen to lunchtime catchup podcast and listen to their review of our ball movement

but i guess all of a pre season, and 8 rounds of footy isn’t enough time to show ANY signs of cohesion and devent ball movement. you know what we need? more LEARNINGS. more time for caracella to teach this science degree about ball movement

i don’t expect the fucken messiah, but i expect to see some AFL standard of moving the farking ball. it’s actually sad to watch

we looked better in pre season. what happened to the system hey

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I agree - and not only the movement into the forward line but there is just no clear plan of how to bring it out of the backline from a kick in. The 2 games I’ve seen live have shown the opposition to be more more organised in this regard than us.