NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Looks to me like he said ““I’m so fu-king tired of Draymond Green”.


Clippers are looking pretty good!


Utah fans need to chill the ■■■■ out.


So does Westbrook, you can’t threaten woman like that.


thats a fairly ■■■■ double standard you got there ben, so shes allowed to be racist to him but can’t have it going back?


Someone has to take the higher ground, do you think if it was Tim Duncan he would have threatened the wife?


It’s not though.


This one’s for @Reboot


Honestly I’ve heard what the fan had to say and what Westbrook had to say and it’s honestly sounding like one big misunderstanding. (Fan said “get down and ice your knee”, Westbrook heard “Get down on your knees like you used too”)

The only problem is Westbrook has had multiple run ins with fans including getting physical.


I’m more inclined to believe russell after the vitriol this maga moron has been tweeting.


I’m not defending the ■■■■■■■■ who was being racist to Russ, not at all. I think my position on racists is pretty clear. I’m just saying adding in the bit about the guys wife was uncalled for.


I enjoyed this very much more by imagining it was about the stumpy redhead chipscab forward pocket Josh Green instead.


I’m not surprised by what happened to Westbrook in Utah. Jazz fans are a disgrace, and this isn’t the first time opposing players have been racially abused by these miscreants. The things said to Gordon Hayward in his first game against the Jazz in their building since he moved to Boston were disgusting.


St Mary’s shock take down of Gonzaga takes them to the NCAA tournament


That’s a massive upset. Gonzaga has been near on unbeatable up to now.


How many aussies are playing for them these days?


2 starters and one of the bench, plus a kiwi bench player.
Hunter the center (NSW) and Krebs, a guard (TAS) had very good games.


Can always trust St Mary’s to have a few Aussies on their roster.


Actually 5, Clark, Hunter, Modronja, Krebs and Perry.


Only looked at those that got playing time yesterday.