NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!

Might as well kick this off with this

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They are gonna get hammered


Saw this on twitter and didn’t realise its being played over there.

What’s the point?!


I was thinking the same thing. Going to have less turn up then a NM home game.

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League exposure overseas

Do we actually think of any of the stars will play?

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Would be huge if played in june in Australia

Another Aussie will see NBA action this year.

Shams and Woj tweeting that Kyrie might be going to Celtics for Isiah Thomas / Crowder / Brown /Picks.

Win/Win that trade.

Hearing it is Kyrie for IT4, Crowder, Zizic and the last Brooklyn pick. IT4 is expiring and wants the max and I don’t think Boston this he is worth that. Crowder probably falls behind Gordon at the 3, Zizic is a big who showed a bit Summer League but no big loss and we have picks galore. I like it! I hope Brown remains with us, I like what he brings with his defence and energy. This is a box office deal!

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Yup. Just read that too.

Season opener is going to be wild!

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2K might have to start sending out some new slips for the Kyrie/Cavs cover on nba 2k18 :laughing:

Im a Celtics fan, I was in shock when I saw this…losing IT is massive but I know Kyrie will make us better. A completely new Starting 5 minus Horford.

I reckon Celtics way over paid, what other team would come close to matching that deal. That pick will be Top 5


The more I think about that, the more I reckon Cavs won that.

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I also think Kyries D will get exposed with LeBron, Thompson and Co where Cavs will cover Thomas (this year) far better than what Horford and Haywood could

I see the Cavs also said 27mil in luxury tax with the trade…

Haywood plays D, it’s myth he is weak on that side of the ball

Not saying he doesn’t, it’s just not at the standard of LeBron