NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Very quick, thats the first game I’ve watched them this year I think. Jaylen Brown is a star.


Houston has NINETY points at half time.


Just going to leave this here


But they also let the Suns score 116 for the match which is where they need to improve.


Good job by Monroe with 20 points as part of a double double on debut for the Suns.

Nice to see him do well before we fatten him up for market.


Must be tempting to keep him


Watching the game now, it’s sad to see so many empty seats! If Booker leaves the whole organisation might go with him


Knicks look miles off it but still in the game.


Philly may have killed Ball. Needs a rest


Yeh wondering if I should feel sorry for him, not his fault his old man is a loud mouth twat. Man that has loaded up the pressure.


I feel the same way. Everything says quality kid with crap father who is keen to make it all about himself. Feels a little Damir Dokic.


Kuzma goes 30 and 12.

Ball goes 6-6-6.


and LA still loses to the Suns, at home.


Booker is so good. And Len finally showing he is capable.


Philly crowd is loud early.


6ers playing well so far.

Their defense is pretty shaky though.


6ers up 10 early.

Simmons blew by dray for a big dunk.


Covington on fire!


Covington taking the ■■■■ in the first quarter!


The entire 76er roster is taking the ■■■■ this qtr.