NBA 2021/22 Thread

I couldn’t tell if Zion was hampered by the shortened preseason.
But from what I saw, I thought he looked dominant in games. He’s got a Shaq like dominance in the paint.

Agree though. Injuries are a concern just like LJ. I hope Zion gets a bit of an outside game like LJ did in his later years. I’ll never forget his massive 3 against Indiana in the ECF before they got swept by SA.

hampered by not being in proper conditioning

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Good regular season team, playoff chokers…

Disappointing for Dante to be waived on the eve of the season starting, hopefully he can find a new home ASAP

Unfortunately it’s going to be a Nets v Lakers Final and I d guess that my Knicks will be garbage as per usual so my interest in the NBA will have dissipated by mid season as per the norm.

Kris Dunn waived as well.

Sixers should pick him up, they need a PG who can handle the ball, pass and defend. Not as much of a liability shooting either

Whoa I thought Dunn AT WORST was going to be a pretty solid rotation player for a decade or so

He can ball that bloke

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Is this his way of checking out of New Orleans? Rumours that he’s not happy there. He’s got at least 2 more years with the Pelicans before he exits his rookie scale contract. No player coming off their rookie deal has ever knocked back a max rookie extension. Will Zion be the first, sign the qualifying offer of one year and then leave as an Unrestricted Free Agent? If that happens they might as well take the license off them and get the Sonics back in the NBA…

i mean its a good way to end his career by 3-4 years.

those knees can’t take that weight

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Yeah, he’s definitely looking like being in the NBA Scot a good time, not a long time. His size is an advantage because he can bully his way inside, but his joints and ligaments won’t be able to take the strain.

God Steph looks good

I have a feeling that the new rules around drawing fouls will slow a fair few blokes down eg Young, Booker, Harden but Curry never got the calls they did anyway.

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Tipping the Lakers to get out of the west is a pretty tall order, mate!
They have looked a steaming pile of trash so far and there are a lot of good younger teams who will get through the season better with injuries and stamina etc.

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Eastern Conference Champion: Heat
Western Conference Champion: Jazz
NBA Champion: Heat in 5
MVP: Giannis
Rookie of the Year: Cunningham
DPOTY: Gobert
6MOTY: Tyler Herro
When will Ben Simmons get traded, and to where?: December - Minnesota

Most improved: Terance Mann

Went for the underdogs. Nets to have a mare in Eastern Conference Final. Butler and Heat to play out of their skin. They are a very gritty team. Jazz knock off Mavs. Lakers do not make Western Conference Final.

Ayton didn’t get his extension…

Interesting! Will either enter the next off-season as a RFA, where the Suns can match any offer sheet from another team, or Ayton signs the qualifying offer, meaning he remains with the team for 2022-23, but becomes an UFA at the expiry of that deal, meaning the Suns would get no right to match. Sticky situation…

That owner needs to take a good hard look at himself I reckon.

Looks like he’s just there in order to collect his pay. His presence and him not giving a ■■■■ might actually be worse for the Sixers than if he’d continued to sit until he was traded…



Simmons really starting to remind me of someone


Not sure I get this narrative other then to keep ■■■■■■■■ on him. Looks like he’s leaning in but not being filmed at the correct angle. Anything to froth I guess.


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