NBA 2022/23

Jimmys cooked.

Why didn’t he go hard at the rim then?

He hesitated.

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Jimmy @ 3/19 is unheard of, Bam is also 4/16. How can you win a game with numbers like that from your superstars.

Fair block that

Just needs a cameo now.

Season over for Miami. ■■■■■■■ pathetic. Literally unbelievable the difference in mindset.

Yeah, this is an Essington level choke right here. Amazing

Denver are just sitting back and enjoying this. They will be hoping G7 turns into a real grind

Jimmys done a lot of talkin.

Going to look pretty stupid if they lose this series.

It’ll be an Essington special for either loser of game 7.

Miami for blowing a 3-0 lead, or Boston for playing so horrible but get their ■■■■ together eventually to be in the driver’s seat, only to ■■■■ the bed right at the end.

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They are brutal misses.

Nice close game.

Is it free throws for Jimmy? 2 or 3?

So clutch.

Boston choke



2 open looks - all missed :grimacing:

holy ■■■■

Crazy crazy stuff.