NBA 2022/23

Trust the team I support so blow this lead. Can already see it happening for Boston.

Certainly been better in the playoffs. Still a traffic cone at the defensive end but is scoring at much higher levels. Less stat padding and just balling out.

Miami v Denver finals is good for basketball


Celtics been getting a little help. Ref Eric Lewis looks like his burner has been found


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This two hours is gonna suuuuuuuck :grimacing:

Please Miami! This is do or die today because there is no way we are winning in Boston.

Alright Steph Curry, you can take your Caleb Martin mask off now.

You’ve won twice in Boston already… not impossible…

Tatum getting great calls. Living at the line

hes the only one, everyone else has to play but hes getting kissed on the ■■■■

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jesus ■■■■■■■ christ bam, you can’;t hold rebounds now you try to break jimmys knee?

just blow it up pat these guys aint it

tatum so used to getting kissed on the ■■■■ is utterly confused by him committing a legitimate foul

Jimmy and Bam with the great disappearing act.

its over. after all that game over.

Jimmy was just under the basket and had space and didn’t go up for the layup. Mentally broken.

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Heat can’t score

What the ■■■■ has happened to Miami?

Every shot is short on the rim.

Heat can’t score and Celtics can’t keep the ball!