NBA 2022/23

Embiid is such a toss3r.


Remember when you could genuinely argue who you’d keep to lead the 76ers? Joel or Ben.
That argument is far gone.
Ben just doesn’t want it as much as others do.

He’s going to struggle finding his next contract without changing his lifestyle.

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Colangelo wanted to keep Simmons. That guy must have been a league plant

Shocked Ben did get back on the floor.
Harden comes up big - needed Ben’s defensive. That last play they need a turnover.

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That was a cracking game, fun to watch. Lots of jawing, a bit of feeling. Seth Curry getting hot against his father in law’s team, Embiid winding up Claxton and Simmons, some amazing offense from both teams.

I’d love to see a 7 game series with Durant back, would be awesome viewing

Edit: Nets shooting 65% from the field and losing is a crazy stat

two playoff esque games in a row after that epic miami boston game yesterday

good day for a bball fan, philly v nets and golden state grizzlies, absolute crackers

philly is underdog contender for east, their floor is higher than last year and Harden has been playing really well recently, Tucker though not scoring, still can defend opposing stars/bigs and has given them the defensive edge they’ve needed.

Maxey off the bench is a great move too. Gives them a real scoring punch

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Ben Simmons popping off with a large 0/1/7 with 3 turnovers. Wowwwww! That’s just so bad man. Nets really need KD back.

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The Nets have not really even bothered using in the 2nd half. He had a few minutes after h/t and he’s been sat for the rest of the time because he’s totally ineffective.

He’s appalling. Got to be the worst contract in the NBA by some distance. Who the ■■■■ is gonna want to take him off Brooklyn’s hands?

That’s some choke from the Knicks…

So is it all mental with Simmons or is his back / physical stuff still an issue?

No, that’s just the norm.
Would be probably the 10th time this year we have thrown away good late leads. No doubt it will end up ugly in OT it it follows script

I think he hurt his knee. I don’t know why I’m so invested in his success it’s a bit like following the bombers. But I’m constantly left disappointed with his performance.


I mean it’s likely Essendon’s fault.

He will dominate the NBL one day.

The Nets have declared Ben Simmons out for the remainder of Thursday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

Simmons exited the game with 6:40 remaining in the third quarter and the Nets down 79-71 before he was ruled out due to left knee soreness.


It’s definitely mental for me. In his mind, he’s made his money so he clearly doesn’t have the personal or professional pride to do anything but the bare minimum. Loves posting on IG about his cars and clothes and all that comes with it, but when it comes to producing on the court he’s Harvey Norman.

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I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t want to be better. That series against Atlanta broke him.

This isn’t a comment on anyone here, but on the NBA in general. It’s become clear to me over recent months that the “experts” on the NBA barely watch half the games, if that. So much commentary around the NBA is around box score because none of the media actually have bothered/been able to watch all the games. (It’s probably worse in NFL season I guess)

So some star will put up a massive box score in a losing side against some no names, and the commentary will be all about that player doing all he can to drag his team over the line, while the reality will have been that the star came out against a weak opponent who they didn’t rate and played selfish basketball to the detriment of their team.