NBL 2023/24

Did I miss something with those free throws

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Jack jumpers all the way !!

Crazy story. They’ve done so well

The best thing about following the JJs, is that unlike the bombers, they seem like they really give a ■■■■ and they scrap for every point. Brilliant

Essendon should look at Scott Roth. Get me a coach that cries when he is happy

Beem some cracking games lately. Officiating is atrocious but the playing quality keeps getting better


Caught me right in the heart string

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Sarr is something else. Very talented kid.


What a game by CG43!

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He’s having such a good season. Seems to get better every year. Even John Wall was commentating last week saying he’s unsure why Goulding never got much of an NBA opportunity.

I wish he tried after a few years ago but suspect his defence would be the problem

Hutchy goes ChaChing

2021 bought 100% of Perth Wildcats for $8 mill
Sold 90% today for $40 mill

That’s impressive.

Is he still in mega debt after that?

If that doesn’t get him out of debt, nothing will.
Also shows how well the NBL is going.

SEG/SEN debt was $28.7 million as of Feb. Still only a short term fix as his business model is still screwed but will keep the banks off his back for awhile

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Melo joining the NBL as a next stars ambassador and will part own a future expansion team


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Mike Wells joining Adelaide 36ers as assistant coach. Near on 30 years experience as assistant in the US