NBL 2023/24

Grew up in Perth so never gave up on the Wildcats… why would you? Right up there with the Storm and the All Blacks teams that never let you down.

I live in Seaford though and the kids are showing a bit of love for the Phoenix… Mitch Creek yesterday… what a dunk… over Delly!!


There’s a bit to like about this NBL season.


Great reaction by Delly’s teammate. Flew the flag.

Reckon the NBL would have loved it.

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Rubbish…that was pathetic…hitting a guy from behind when he’s not expecting it is not “flying the flag”

It was nothing but a cheap shot


Give me a spell, if you act like a flog on a court, you should expect something. Message sent, Creek will think twice before carrying on again.


You want people celebrating the dunk. It’s entertainment. NBA would never finish a game if celebrating a dunk was reason enough to start a fight


That would’ve been a taunting tech foul in the NBA and very unlikely anything else would’ve come of it. Definitely the response to Creek was way OTT and lucky it didn’t spark anything more serious. He put Delly on a poster, let him know about it. It might be a good thing to get the United v Phoenix rivalry going and make it a really nasty affair when they meet…

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I reckon shirtfronting a guy who just showed your team up and then running away is the cheap shot. If you are going to hand it out then stand up to the consequence.

I agree…I don’t get why you quoted that

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The importance of font choice


Creek got the tech. Who cares though, it was a fkg awesome dunk, of course he’s going to give it a bit.

Peatling got ejected - worth a game or two, IMHO.

He ducked in behind his teammate to deck a guy who wasn’t even watching. Then left as quickly as he could.

What message is that exactly?


Creek is a massive flog, but that was a sick dunk!

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The longest streak of finals in Australian sport is finally over with the Perth Wildcats missing finals for the first time in 35 years


What an amazing record. Made even better that it happened once Hutchy bought in.


Jack Jumpers
Bite bite bite!

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I can see everyone’s been pumped for NBL finals.

Meanwhile Tassies being pumped in NBL finals


They’ve got Delladova.

Surely that’s not fair.