New Board Member - Dorothy Hisgrove

Not sure if working for the pies would have looked good on her resume!

How many of the current board members have been elected by the Members?

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Not enough, and not enough Members bother to vote.


Either 5 or 6, depending on if Tanner was elected or not.

I’m not being a smart-ar*se.

I’m genuinely curious. Which members of the current board have been voted there by the members?

Wellman & Sheedy.

Simon Madden? I don’t remember the last time his seat was up for election.

Who else?

2018: Barham, Tanner, Brasher (link)
2019: Muir, Madden (link)
2020: Sheedy, Wellman

Hmm, it seems there might be seven. Not sure exactly what “Brasher and Tanner re-elected to their positions” means in the first article though. Tanner is obviously now gone, replaced by Dorothy, so its back to 6.

It’s always 6 folks - 2 elected seats are up at the end of every year, meaning each elected seat is up once every 3 years. That said if someone in an elected seat retires mid-term they can be replaced by a new person of the board’s choosing without an election, that person then has to stand at the end of the 3 year term of the seat they’ve taken over, whenever that is.
The most recent case of this was Katie Lio retiring shortly before her seat was up and Kevin Sheedy being appointed to her seat for the remainder of her term, he then had to stand for election at the end of her term which in this case was only a month or so later.

If no one challenges the incumbents when their seats come up for election they are returned unopposed without an election.


Pretty dodgy move from blitzes own elected director.

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Yes it was

Is there a theme as to why some elections are unopposed?

past players/legends?

like in what universe does someone look at a mortgage broker and go ‘YES, THATS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED’

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Barham, Muir, Tanner & Brasher were unopposed.

Seems odd post-Saga, that there wouldn’t be anyone putting their hand up.

If there was anything at all dodgy, it was Sheeds appointment, not Katie resigning.


its a month, just sit it out and have a free and fair election.

all parties are dodgy.

My opinion was that they thought by appointing Sheeds to the Board he would forgo his salaried position. He is on a pretty good whack is my understanding. Sheeds again proved too smart and ended up on the Board and retaining his pay packet.

Maybe I should just join QANON

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Thanks Paul. The below is the issue for me. Yes, there are technically 6 elected members currently on the Board but how many of them were appointed to the Board first and then once in got voted in by default. It’s appointed members by stealth.

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Its disappointing that the club is lagging in this area but interesting that it is done club by club. I thought all the websites & content like videos were owned by the AFL so they should be ensuring that they have the required captions etc. I also thought I had read a few years back that Marvel had an internal service for hearing impaired & again I think that’s something the venue should be looking after to cover all events. Still no excuse for the club not giving you enough attention & feedback. Maybe approaching the AFL direct might be more helpful. If 1 club have addressed it then that should be the minimum standard.


Can’t imagine it ruining 3qtr times ‘Dance Cam’ tbh.

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Is there any point in sub titles for supporters who cannot read? Next they will have them at Collingwood games.

Well, no. They’re still up for election, its hardly EFC’s fault if nobody either runs against them, or someone does and loses.

I do agree it would be an issue if someone a short period into their term left, meaning someone unelected was there for several years. There should be a rule that anyone leaving, their position goes up at the next election, with a shortened period in for the successful candidate.