New Bomber TV show - Friday Footy Panel

Missing the exuberant charm of ben frothing over tippa.

Yes, where’s Walla?

It is strange that we are not Walla focussed at the moment, just wait for a couple of goals and that will all change, and feeding the Begley too won’t hurt.

He mentioned on the show that alot of contracts were being held up because of the collective bargaining agreement between the afl and aflpa. I wouldnt expect too many signings before that gets finalised

Is there a reason I cannot get bomber tv to play on I pad since yesterday’s game. Tx

Great show also like having a different guest each week.

Well done BTV.


Bessie, I’ve been having some problems with the BTV videos on the iPad too, but I find if I do a restart they play OK again. (Sometimes I just get a black rectangle when I try to play the clips.)

Thanks for that, thought I might have been losing the plot. Restarted a couple of times last night…black square again. This morning it has worked ok, but very slow to start. Tx again.

@Riolio Is the Telstra player problem an Apple thing perhaps?

Hmmm, … I don’t think @barnz is an Applephile though, … ???

Its fkg garbage.

It’s a poor infrastructure and can’t-load-video-without-an-ad problem.

Like I say, I’ve had no issues as yet.

Chrome + UBlock Origin.

cool you not having an issue doesn’t fix it for those with an issue.

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So, you didn’t say if you use a Mac?
If you do, then that would clearly be the common denominator.

And if you do, then, stating the set up I use may not help, but telling you so you have the chance to try it is the best I can offer.

But thanks for showing your gratitude for offering it as a possible solution for you all just the same. :rolling_eyes:

Really enjoy it.

Scott Lucas is articulate, precise in his assessments and demonstrates great football knowledge in his weekly roundup.
Keep it up Scotty.

OK, I bothered to check, and Ghostery was blocking the EFC videos.

I allow ‘Ooyala Player’ to run (but not the other 8 pieces of crap being quietly served up), and it works.

I also use Ghostery.

But YouTube is still better.

A short, angry, red head will be joining the Friday Footy Panel this week.

Bewick was angry? I think you misspelled “hungry”.

Hangry, maybe?

That type of anger your get when you are very hungry for something.