New Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast - Chat with Ralphy from Hirdy Podcast & we discuss trade period

NEW PODCAST - We talk to the Host of the Crawf & Hirdy show @rtralphy & discuss about how Hirdy got involved & a few funny behind the scene moments of The Footy Show. Scooter & Grant also discuss the trade period with one day to go…will we get Shiel? :crazy_face:


When will you get Hirdy?

Hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:


Ask Ralphy why he was so slow as a footballer playing for Glenhuntly St Anthony’s…and how his brother Benny’s boxing career is going.

Benny is possibly the worst bowler I’ve ever seen, but he was a mate of the coach, so bowled in the ones’ nets.

I wish you let me know this 4 hours ago lol

Here is the Itunes link