New Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with CEO Xavier Campbell 20/03/18

There is, and most of it is pretty average. I reckon if you have a radio background you already start ahead of the pack.

Would’ve been interesting to hear his thoughts on the membership debacle.

Wouldn’t be easy but it’s a good concept. Though i always sense when we win Essendon fans like hearing non Essendon radio callers talk up the players and club

That’s true.
I might have a crack at doing the podcast (not live) tomorrow night. If it’s no good, I won’t even upload it.
But keep working on it each week, Until I’ve got a formula that I like.


That is true to a point… I would still rather listen to an after match review by Bombers supporters than to opposition supporters carrying on.


If it actually records, and you can listen and make out what you are saying, then upload the ■■■■■■ thing.

None of this “wait until it is good enough” rubbish.

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That’s like writing a post in the match thread rereading it then deleting until it’s some manifesto ■■■■. Just post your ■■■■.

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