New Lunchtime Catch Up Podcast with CEO Xavier Campbell 20/03/18

Here it is

You can now listen to our Lunchtime Catch-Up Podcast which has a special 35 min interview with Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell. Very interesting interview


Ill give it a listen at work romorrow. Shh don’t tell the bosses :smiley:

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I listen to podcasts while doing reports for work sometimes

Thanks for this CJohns

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Cheers Irons. Was interesting to hear Xavier talk openly now about NBL interest

Good Episode with Xavier. Kudos for setting that up.
I find being the same vintage as Xavier we have pretty similar likes/memories etc. Makes him easy to relate to.

  • Crows 93 Prelim - memorable I listened to it on the radio too, as we had 1 hour tv delay in Tassie.
  • Wangas favourite child player, but loved watching Hird play (he really was Mr perfect)
  • Bulls fan from back then with Jordan etc
  • Non sport heroes - John Howard (PM), Elon Musk
  • plus hes a runner, and comes across as a nice bloke. (most runners are)

You guys have set a high mark for this seasons podcast.
Maybe CJohns could do a cross podcast arrangement with Hirdy and Crawford.

Agree with you its great to hear Hirdy again.

John Howard a hero… He lost me there.


I was a touched suprised on Howard comment…more so that i never saw him as a captivating type. I was waiting on an Obama or even Jordan type name…but hey each to their own. He’s a down to earth guy Xavier which makes him easy to relate too

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Yeah, you can’t know how different people will answer that question… But Howard!


Great Podcast boys, really informative.

Cheers. Hopefully some good news to announce in the next month on Podcast

I liked Xavier a lot more before I read this. Can we pretend he meant Ron Howard?

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Maybe he meant the actor

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Least he didn’t say Abbott

Clearly Xavier didn’t mirror his sporting career on Howard’s based on his famous bowling action.

Love the show, excellent work.

I’ve been considering the possibly of doing a live podcast directly after each of our games. I came up with the idea leaving a match while walking to the train station, and having to listen to f*ckwits like Nathan Brown (on triple m) analyse the game.

I can’t promise it would be any good, but just abit of an idea. I won’t be able to get to many games this season, so it might be worth a try.


That idea has some real merit. Sure it wouldn’t be easy but will certainly be unique. Could it perhaps be interactive so fans can call in?

Yeah possibly.
Many years ago I had my own music radio show. I never did call ins, so it would be completely new to me.

I’ve felt for a while that team content will replace traditional radio/tv content sooner rather than later, from commentary of games through to news an information. I’m actually surprised the club are not more heavily into this space but perhaps their relationship with the AFL precludes this.


There is so much supporter content focussing on individual clubs. Many supporters don’t want to listen or read content that doesnt purely focus on your own club.

Allround football supporters are dwindling, while club supporters are becoming more isolated to their own community.