New Music TV Show

So me and some mates decided to put together a TV show to help get some local bands out there a bit.

We filmed it all in a day, each band has 1 episode where they play 2 live songs and get interviewed. We surround this with local bands music videos

Channel 31 got on board and the first episode is September 23 at 10.30pm.

You can tune in on Digital TV in Melbourne on station 43.

Or stream in online

Any hints on the bands we might expect?

Great initiative but isn’t ch31 closing at the end of this year?

Yeah its going online only from 2017.

Got to start somewhere thou.

Bands are low level bands…to help them get some more recognition.

Week 1 features
All We Need - Live

Vids from
The Decline
As A Rival
Alex the Kid

3rd ep on this week