Newbie needs help finding a parking spot

I’m a newbie in need of help. I’m planning on taking a few family members and kids to the Family Fun Day on February 17th. Can some kind person tell me if there is street parking reasonably close to the ground in case all the spots are taken in the designated parking area on the corner of Links and Watson? I don’t wanna pay to park but don’t mind a bit of a walk. The problem is I have no idea if the streets close to the ground have parking restrictions. Appreciate your advice. Go Bombers!

There is a local oval across the road, if you go to the back of that there is (or at least the last time I went to a training session last year, there was) free street parking.

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Thanks Chris. So we’re talking Tullamarine Reserve Derby St. I’ll be sure to check it out.

Unless you get there super early, Derby St will be a bit of shambles too.

Try parking near # 47 Garden Drive Tullamarine & walk along the pathway between the factories into the reserve then across Melrose Drive.

I have done this a few times, works well for quick getaway too.


You could always get the shuttle bus from Windy Hill instead! Even if there’s sport on that day, and you can’t park in Napier/Brewster/Raleigh Sts, you can park down at Essendon Station, and it’s less than five minutes walk up the hill.

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Thanks everyone, I’m taking all these tips on board, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna park in the hanger

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I hear parking at Melbourne Airport is ‘cheaper than you think’

I think I’m like George Costanza :slight_smile:

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