Newbold joins AFL commission

Knew I smelt a rat.

Do you reckon Wilson will write an article slamming ‘the boys club’? No, because she’s part of it.

What a load of crock from Fitzpatrick. Had the chance for genuine advancement with Long, but went the safe option. Where’s your diversity strategy? Newbold will the deliver the same old vanilla rubbish.

GAGF AFL commission. Ps when is your AGM and election for your ‘members’?

Spoiler: Nothing will change



I’d rather long didn’t get on.
Bunch of ■■■■■■■ crooks.

Surprise surprise. Like a blowfly to a pile of dog sh*t.

Looks like hawthorn will continue to be protected then.

what was the story here? I missed it all.

actually, cgaf, save the bandwidth.

He’s been president for what… 3 years?

He's been president for what... 3 years?

I thought it was something like 11

Meanwhile McLaughlin earns $1.7 million and AFL tops half a billion dollars in revenue.
Crooks all of them.