Next Generation Academy Players 2018

List lifted from

Kudzaishe Motsi

Artan Cabdi
Ethan Penrith
Sunny Brazier
Nick Riebelt
Mitchell Wild
Vian Swanepoel

Atuniasa Bosenavulagi
Ubil Chol
Piers Hikaru McDermott
Kang Nyoak
Isaac Quaynor
Bailey Wraith

Daniel Hanna
Lucas Cooper
Ismail Moussa
Jake Firebrace
Kyle Gillard

Jason Carter
Thomas Medhat

Titit Nyak
Blake Schlensog

Gold Coast
Kwabye Boakye

Greater Western Sydney
Matthew Walker

Tyrone Hayes
Bol Jok
Stephen Kapahnke
Irving Mosquito
Ben Cardamone

Daniel Allsop
Toby Bedford

North Melbourne
Tarryn Trindall (Thomas)
Matthew McGuinness
Rhyan Mansell

Port Adelaide
Manguru Fredrick
Kai Pudney

David Smith
Anthony Walker
Kyle Clarke
Coen Cooper
Ajak Dang
Kai Madgwick
Phillip Moi Moi
Kailen Walker
Phillip Solomon

St Kilda
Dawit McNeish
Adam Ossip

West Coast
Jarrod Cameron
Atem Dang
Jacob Msando
Yugusuk Soka
Nyika John
Dylan Striya
Sebit Kuek
Massimilian Romaine
Maximilien Fabre
Fred Ruremesha

Western Bulldogs
Joshua Chatfield
Buku Khamis
Lachlan Brooke-Harrison (Dawson)

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Are we gonna take one this year?

This last year from draft watcher Knightmare:
The Firebrace brothers, bottom ager, Jake Firebrace, 169cm, 60kg, and Jesse Firebrace 164cm, 61kg, both excited with 13 and 10 disposals respectively. Jake’s line breaking run and carry was exceptional with Jesse’s forward pressure, crumbing and goalkicking also eye-catching. They’re both exceptionally quick and possess good skills. Every time the pair is in the vicinity of the ball, the influence they exert is notable; with a sense of perceived pressure.

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Please be red heads.

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I know nothing about Cooper or Gillard but at this stage I wouldn’t be taking any of those other guys

Interesting that Chris Johnson’s son is in our acedemy, he is in the 2019 Draft, currently playing for Calder with Mason

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Thought all Gillards were rangas.


Surely Johnson’s son should be F/S eligible - Anyway F/S eligibility should take precedence over NGA or Academy eligibility.

He is and it does (caveat that F/S eligibility is voluntary).

No brainer. Bring him in.

Jake Firebrace named for round 2 match for Calder

Pretty sure jackets is taking Health Hocking. His parents once ordered Indian takeout.

Interesting, even as a free hit none of Hanna, Moussa or Firebrace are good enough? Obviously this year’s weren’t, so the club doesn’t take players if they think they’re too far off the mark (which was the same club attitude as when we had the free hit with the NSW scholarship players).

In the end with Hanna we had a choice between him or Lavender for that project tall spot and looks like we picked Lavender so I doubt we look at Hanna. Mousa and Firebrace im only basing off last year they could have improved a fair bit this year

Some stats to add

Mason Fletcher 14 disposals 6 marks
Ismail Moussa 18 disposals 5 marks
Daniel Hanna 17 disposals 6 marks 9 hitouts
Lachlan Johnson 9 disposals 3 inside 50s

You can know find all TAC stats on AFL Draft Central you can’t get them from the TAC website anymore


Ok, so Hanna is a tall. Didn’t know that. :slight_smile: But makes sense with Draper and Lavender, we don’t need any other ruck prospects. Zerk-Thatcher as well would factor in.

What types are Moussa and Firebrace? The quoted bit above mentioned Firebrace having pace and being in the middle, but nothing more specific.

Mousa and Firebrace are both wingman/flanks. Nice speed and movement for both I couldn’t say for sure how quick but Firebrace would need to clean up his kicking a bit


I’m attending a Calder game this week so I should have plenty to say about Mason Fletcher and some of our next gen academy players


Firebrace named in the bests for Calder on the weekend.

Write up on him aswell in the latest notes from AFL Draft Central, I asked the guy who watched the game and he still thinks he needs to fix up his kicking, for the type of player he is that is something he will need to improve to be picked up

Do you know if Firebrace has grown at all? In the Calder game I watched last year he was tiny, like Caleb Daniel but skinny tiny.
Edit: that may have been the older Firebrace I guess.

171cm so yeah Tippa size

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