NFL 2023/24

They have beaten the Chiefs and Bills which is a pretty good effort but a long way to go.

I want them to be crap though as a 49ers fan that lost so many games to Wilson.

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The media got on them. Denver media are savages when the Broncos don’t play well.

Dobbs show over.

For those interested…

Super Bowl rematch off to a cracker

Teams mirroring each other

Both quick punts
Both score touchdowns
Both throw picks

Our offensive line is horrible

Chefs pretty much owning the line of scrimmage in this game.



Great be at Levi’s for another W…!!


Amazing the Eagles are still in this.

Their Offence has been stifled.

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Turnovers - the great equaliser

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Not a great win but we’ll take it


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I wouldn’t sit next to Mahomes in the locker room that’s for sure.


And that’s why I wasn’t too upset when he left the Packers.

Watching the Eagles v Chiefs game and noticed that Siposs wasn’t punting. Checked and yep he was cut.

I’ll be in San Fran in a few weeks to watch the game against the Seahawks. Can’t wait!!

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He’s playing cricket with Matty Lloyd at Bentleigh ANA.

Surely Rivera gets the DCM