NFL 2023/24

Getting this started.

For my Niners this is a momentous season. Either Trey Lance will show that he is THE QB take us to the Holy Grail, or Lynch and Shanahan will get fired for spending 3 first rounders on him.


I haven’t seen enough of Lance to say whether he’ll be the guy or not, but 3 first rounders is a lot to pay for what is a somewhat speculative pick. You won’t complain if he comes up money though.

Makes pick 6 for Herbert seem even more of a stroke of fortune for my Bolts!


Can’t wait to lose the NFC championship game again


He got paid. And, gets another crack at Free Agency in 3 yrs. I think this may be what Deebo ends up with…

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They did spend 3 firsts on him but one was in the teens and the other so far was late 20’s. Hopefully this year it will be pick 30 :pray:

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Yeah, but pick 6 = Justin Herbert.

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And here we go! Deebo gets the DK deal.


6 game ban for Deshaun Watson for breaching the NFL Personal Conduct rules.

Not quite a wet lettuce punishment, but if you were the Browns, I think you’d be pretty happy with that outcome. Having your starting QB for 12 of the 18 games gives you a shot. Whoever fills in for the 1st 6 just needs to snag a win or two- and they are in great shape.

Josh Gordon got a combined 78 games.

For smoking marijuana.


He did miss all of last year as well uninjured. He would of been traded if not not for his issues you’d think.

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Speaking of my boy Herbie, final day in LA before flying home and we managed to get into the Chargers pre-season training camp. SO SO SO good, absolutely loved it.

Mike Williams and Keenan Allen are deceptively huge, combine them with Parham Jr and Jalen Guyton taking another step up and there are points aplenty.

Which I spose wasn’t an issue last year either, need the defence to step up!


Very jealous. I was supposed to see them play their first game at SoFi in late 2020 before COVID came along and scuttled all travel plans. Would have been Herbert’s surprise debut game where they lost in overtime to the Chiefs.

Amazing seeing Herbert throw, the pace and velocity that it leaves his hand compared to Stick and Daniel. He’s lacing it down field 40 yards and you can hear it slap into receivers hands, the back ups throw it and it’s got way more loop and height. Man it was fun.


Gotta love Chase Daniel. He’s a career journeyman back-up, but his attitude and personality are top-notch. He knows where he sits in the pecking order but I reckon the coaching staff just love him for the way he works with Herbert and the younger players. As for poor old Easton Stick, I think he’s had a total of about two snaps in the last two years (both times taking a knee).

Jesus! (complex)