NFL 2023/24

Yep, suckers for punishment…

Bring on the pain.

Could be worse. We could be Packers supporters. Now there are real gluttons for punishment.

Haven’t been the biggest fan of the play calling, but the 2pt conversion play was pretty solid. Similar play to the touchdown, misdirection from Ekeler and cleared it out for Everett.



How good is the Eagles “All Black” uniforms.

I think all black uniforms should only be worn by teams with black as a dominant colour in their scheme, and by nobody else. And I’ll die on that hill.


Goodness what a start for them…

It might be the best thing. They need to get over their delusions of making the playoffs right now, sit Aaron and his broken thumb down for the rest of the year and let Love crash and burn and build in the draft.

This year is over.

Eagles show how to start a game. Yikes Packers.

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I read the article about his thumb fracture and how it almost certainly needs surgery to repair it and wondered why they don’t just send him to get it done and then play Love at QB to see how he goes.

And then I remembered it’s Aaron Rodgers and I was able to imagine to enormously petulant dummy spit that would ensue.


(OK that was a good drive)

And a reasonable response from GB too!!

Stop giving me hope, dammit.

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it’s a shootout

So much for that.

As long as Joe Barry is a thing, then you pretty much have to score every time you have the ball or you lose.

That’s not holding. :rage:

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what is this game? :rofl:
you just do not know what is going to happen in this game

This is Packer fandom in a bottle. The peaks and valleys come almost instantaneously right after each other.